Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Big War Has Already Begun

Update May 9,6:45 pm EST

IDF: Iranian forces fire 20 rockets at Israel; Iron Dome intercepts some

Some 20 rockets were fired at Israeli military bases by Iranian forces in southern Syria just after midnight on Thursday, with some of the incoming missiles being intercepted by the Iron Dome defense system, the army said, amid sky high tensions on the northern border.

Ending of  Gay, Entering into Days of Great Sorrow

Nine Iran-linked fighters reported killed in alleged Israeli strike on Syria

Israel conducted an airstrike south of Damascus, reportedly killing nine pro-Iranian fighters in an area previously identified as the site of a suspected Iranian military base.


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard welcomes Trump’s pullout from nuke deal

The Revolutionary Guard is a paramilitary force dominated by hardliners, which answers directly to Iran’s supreme leader.


Yemen rebels Iranian led Shiite Muslims target Sunni Muslim Saudi capital with missiles, explosions heard in Riyadh

The rebels Muslims quickly claimed responsibility for attacking “Riyadh Dry Port and other economic targets” in the Saudi capital with Burkan 2H ballistic missiles.


Putin Warns of ‘Fragile’ World a Day After Trump Exits Iran Deal

We remember the tragedy of two world wars, the lessons of history,” Putin said at a military parade on Moscow’s Red Square on Wednesday, marking the anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. “We understand how serious these threats are. All humankind and countries need to recognize that the world is very fragile.”

Breaking News: Israel attacks Iranian army base!


Update from my Latest Trip to Saudi Arabia | The Underground with Joel Richardson #91

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