Sunday, May 13, 2018

Only Islam Could Turn a Kite Into a Weapon

The evil religion of terrorism is busy across the world

Indonesia church attacks: death toll rises after bombs target Sunday masses

At least thirteen people have been killed and dozens injured in multiple suicide bombings at three churches in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city, in the worst attack the country has seen in more than a decade.


Israeli military doubling troop positioned along Gaza, West Bank Judea & Samaria

Palestinians have also started attaching fire-bombs to kites and flying them into Israel.


Jihad Macron


How Socialism leads to stupidity, then insanity, and then being easily conquered by Islam with the help of reprobate, godless & socialist leaders who are traitors to freedom and the truth.

Is France Really an Ally of the United States?

No-go zones are growing rapidly in the suburbs of all of France's main cities. Shanty towns built by illegal migrants from Africa and the Middle East have sprung up in parts of Marseilles and Paris in the last few years. Islamization is everywhere. In hundreds of mosques, imams deliver fiery anti-Western speeches. Churches are vandalized. The number of rapes is rapidly increasing. Groups of veiled women roam the streets and insult the "immodest", unveiled, women.
Macron's most important project since he was elected has been the creation of new Islamic institutions destined to adapt France to Islam -- not to adapt Islam to France. Many more mosques will be built, financed with taxpayer money; departments of Islamic culture will open in universities, and imam training centers created.

Life is short, Don't waste it on futility and vain, useless junk you can't take with you where you are going for eternity.

Brit dad sues Nokia for up to £1million claiming using his mobile phone caused his brain tumour

His job meant using a phone for long spells – and in the days before it was illegal he had the gadget pressed to his ear while driving.


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