Saturday, May 12, 2018


Israel and the US are preparing for trouble from the Religion  Of   Terrorism this coming week!

Satan and his minions hate the reality that Jerusalem, the  city of the greatest King of Kings, Jesus Christ, is in the hands of the Jewish people.



Marines said sent to US legations in Mideast ahead of Jerusalem embassy opening


The deployment of Marines, the TV report said, came because of fears of disturbances related to the opening of the embassy. For weeks, thousands of Gazans have been protesting at the border with Israel, encouraged by Hamas, the terror group that rules the Strip, whose leaders have vowed to ratchet up protests to coincide with the embassy opening.


Hamas terrorist leader Haniyeh: All Philistine people will flock to Palestine Israel on Nakba Day


"We're expecting the great march on the 14 and 15 of this month - the entire Philistine people will be out on the streets of Palestine Israel," he said.'


Oh Jesus come (NJO KWETU YESU)....Rwandan Christian Song



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