Thursday, May 17, 2018

Canada's Justin Trudeau, Joker Extraordiniare

How many points did I get
with Islamic terrorists' Hamas ?

“We are deeply disappointed with the Quisling Canadian government of Clown Prince Trudeau, that his pathetic statement ignores Hamas’ direct responsibility for recent violence on the Israel-Gaza border, and that the coward only goes after the easy target, Israel”

Trudeau ‘appalled’ by shooting of Ontario doctor in Gaza, urges investigation

In a statement, Trudeau described the reported use of excessive force and live ammunition as “inexcusable.” But if Jews are slaughtered by the Islamic death cult that is OK with me because I am an enabler for Islam's terrorism as I reveal to everyone today.

We will not investigate why our dear Canadian Muslim, Hamas supporting doctor was there at the Israeli border fence working with the Hamas terrorist group seeking to tear down the fence in a violent manner and not peaceful as the lying media report. We have to keep the propaganda of our Islamic partners alive.

“It is imperative we establish the biased facts that we want of what is happening in Gaza because I'm another cowardly elected idiot who doesn't have a clue, and go with the much easier agenda of the dark side"; he said.

It's much easier to bash the Jews and Israel.  

If I target Hamas and Islam's terrorism it might cost me and my family more than I want to pay. What do you expect from pretty, empty, vain  cowards you elect to rule over you ?

Plus I get many points with the Islamic invaders I have flooded Canada with and it's all about me, and P.R perception I create.


You won't hear a peep, not a peep of protest from the low life dregs of Western leadership like Trudeau, Macron, Theresa May, Angel 'of Death' Merkel, the Pope, and the others about this "other attack" on Palestinians and their Islamic terrorist masters on the news today.
It's only because Israel is not involved, that these hypocrites and perverted world are dead silent !

Syrian and Russian forces launch large-scale attack on Palestinian refugee camp controlled by Islam terrorists like Hamas


Syrian and Russian forces have launched a large-scale attack on a Palestinian refugee camp under the control of Islamic State, as the regime closed in on the last rebel-held territory in the Syrian capital.


That Was Then, This Is Now 


The Unlucky Donkey of Ancient Biblical Gath

The use of the donkey as a foundation deposit — a ritual object placed under flooring ahead of the construction of a building — also may indicate that the inhabitants are merchants since donkeys were used for trade and shipping — even as far as Egypt.

The donkey was ritually slaughtered, and its head and neck were removed from its body and placed backwards on its abdomen, then covered with dirt flooring.

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