Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Rebellious House

Dark days ahead for Rebellious House

Then He said to me, “Son of man, I am sending you to the sons of Israel, to a rebellious people who have rebelled against Me; they and their fathers have transgressed against Me to this very day.

I am sending you to them who are stubborn and obstinate children, and you shall say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God.’ As for them, whether they listen or not—for they are a rebellious house—they will know that a prophet has been among them.
And you, son of man, neither fear them nor fear their words, though thistles and thorns are with you and you sit on scorpions; neither fear their words nor be dismayed at their presence, for they are a rebellious house.
But you shall speak My words to them whether they listen or not, for they are rebellious.

Ezekiel 1


‘Behold, the day! Behold, it is coming! Your doom has gone forth; the rod has budded, arrogance has blossomed.
Violence has grown into a rod of wickedness. None of them shall remain, none of their people, none of their wealth, nor anything eminent among them. The time has come, the day has arrived.
The sword is outside and the plague and the famine are within. He who is in the field will die by the sword; famine and the plague will also consume those in the city.

Even when their survivors escape, they will be on the mountains like doves of the valleys, all of them mourning, each over his own iniquity.

All hands will hang limp and all knees will become like water.  They will gird themselves with sackcloth and shuddering will overwhelm them; and shame will be on all faces and baldness on all their heads.
They will fling their silver into the streets and their gold will become an abhorrent thing; their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord.

They cannot satisfy their appetite nor can they fill their stomachs, for their iniquity has become an occasion of stumbling.

Ezekiel 7


 Evil Catholic Archbishop Protected Child Molester Priests

Australian archbishop Philip Wilson guilty of concealing child sex abuses

He was found to have covered up the abuse of altar boys by a pedophile priest colleague in New South Wales.


...and death and hell followed

Islam's Paradise, A Place Called Hell

'They deserve no mercy': Iraq deals briskly with accused 'women of Isis'

More than 40,000 foreigners from 110 countries (MUSLIM jihad volunteers) are estimated to have travelled to Iraq and Syria to join the jihadist group. Of those, around 1,900 are believed to have been French citizens, and around 800 were British.

The proceedings had a sense of urgency, and so did the 10-minute hearings in Baghdad’s central criminal court that have summarily dispensed with the accused foreign women, sentencing more than 40 to death, and dozens more to life in prison since the so-called caliphate crumbled.


The Nipah Virus

Health workers said they had found dead bats in a well at the home of an affected family


More and more strange animal attacks on humans like the cougar attack on a mountain biker last week in Wash. state. first one in nearly 100 years.


Humanity's Greatest Success


Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals – study


Anonymous said...

When I was little Fire flies would be in the fields like waves of light sweeping back and forth. Now you can count them on your fingers.

Our yard is full of Clover, and you used to have to watch where you stepped if you were barefooted. Now there is the clover, but NO Honey Bees. They are struggling to survive.

Between the Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, and the micronized Aluminum dust of the Chemtrails they cannot continue to thrive. Soon no Honey and then NO FOOD?

Maybe it is better in other places, but here in this very heavily sky sprayed area these insects are sparse.

I am waiting for The Kingdom of GOD and for The LORD+ to take this earth away from satan and his human slaves and Reign with a ROD of IRON upon it.

The Peace of The LORD+ be with you Marcel
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

The kingdom of god is the only hope to hold onto this world is in it's final death spiral.

'Between the Pesticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, and the micronized Aluminum dust of the Chemtrails they cannot continue to thrive. Soon no Honey and then NO FOOD ?'

No question mark about it. I see fewer bees here, prayed for the Lord Jesus to send some bees to pollinate the new flower buds on my lemon tree, haven't seen any yet.
When was the last time you saw a rainbow ?
With all the daily heavy rain here I've yet to see 1.
Haven't see 1 in a while.
I think this is happening all over... maybe ?

If it is it's a sign that very bad times are ahead as the Bible and prophets warned about this generation.

Just had a whole leaf aloe in the blender.

Thanks for the great comment.
Peace like a river to those who put their trust in Messiah Jesus.

Marcel Cousineau said...

In case you missed this, just posted it
But by the grace of God we are blessed to live another day.
Death is coming faster and faster upon so many.

Lini Puthussery: India's 'hero' nurse who died battling Nipah virus
Health workers said they had found dead bats in a well at the home of an affected family