Saturday, May 26, 2018

Amir Tsarfati and the Deceived Laodecian Church

It's interesting how the false teachers and false prophets have always been very, very popular and the true messengers of God have always been rejected scorned, abused and ridiculed.
I'm seeing the same strategy from the devil today.

IS AMIR TSARFATI a big Deception to the Church ?

Amie uses the word repent 2, maybe 3 times in his nearly one hour message. 
Although judgment begins at the house of God Amir never calls his listeners to deep repentance and holiness.

It's an ear tickling message where America and Trump are lifted up high.

Amir never once warns the spiritually dead and fat with stuff church in America that God will hold this reprobate nation to account for its wickedness, it's violence, global homosexual, baby murdering agenda and failed, never ending wars.
No mention from Amir that it is the USA who divides, carves up Israel and under President Bush's invasion of Iraq created the Iran problem that Israel now faces.
Just more bowing and paying homage to the America idol is Amir Tsarfati's message.

America, where more than 50 million babies have been murdered in the latest Holocaust has lost any moral authority in this world. 

ISRAEL, America is not your God, and President Trump is not your Prince of Peace. ISRAEL, God is not pleased with your idolatry, and ignoring Him while praising America and Trump. 
This is GREAT wickedness. 

Much boasting in the flesh, no humility from Amir Tsarfati.

In this wicked hour of the great falling away and rebellion against God in His house, all is well with Trump in the house is this message of great deception.

The Calm Before the Storm

All through the video deception reeks.

He draws into question God's word, the Psalms 83 war and Jesus' command to watch and pray by telling us the news reports of clashes between Iran and Israel are over hyped and to go back to sleep because this is not it, and peace is here.

He sells the fake peace Israel now has with Egypt and Jordan as something good to trust in. Thus is deception. There will never be true and lasting peace with Islam for Israel.

@ 24 minute mark Amir talks about Christians in America praying and God stopping this nation from falling into the abyss.

"America is now respected in the world" BUT NOT RESPECTED BY GOD, and that is the only One who REALLY matters.  
Do you see his dark focus ?

God stops judgment before there is any repentance because of mans works of the flesh election is a lie.

@ 28 minute mark America is prospering (not returning to God), so we can see his focus is on mammon, $, pride of the flesh, not spiritual.

@ 40 minute Amir fails to mention God is bringing judgment to sinful, idol worshiping Israel.

No warning to Israel from Amir to stop looking to their American idol and seek the Lord alone.

Much boasting, not humility in the fear of the Lord, no crying out for any repentance to the Laodecian church or to anyone.

@ 45 no mention that Israel looks to America today as their God.

@47 Amir preaches the false teaching of an early escape rapture.


A disingenuous friend's pathetic and lame attempt to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan 50 years too late !

Amir hypes up Trump & Republicans, America finally recognizing the Golan Heights as belonging to Israel, but it is just more deception and delusions.

How is it that so many Christians are blindly following a blind man who is clueless to the reality that the spineless Republicans aren't worth spit ?

House scraps proposal for US recognition of Israeli sovereignty in Golan Heights

The news site quoted unnamed US officials as saying Republican leaders in the House prevented a vote on the proposal, with members of the Trump administration allegedly pressuring House Speaker Paul Ryan. 

It is a lie, and the salt-less church is in a deep coma.

After listening to this very popular speaker across the world and America, I hear and see a lot of PRIDE.
The US is portrayed as the idol/ savior not the wicked, godless nation that it is, and Jesus, holiness and repentance is completely missing.

There is not repentance in America, the church is backslid, asleep, fallen into apostasy, and America is now in the abyss with the flames at our heels with Trump leading the charge of all his fool followers, drunk on America pride.


Rick Barnes said...

I'm always amazed when I hear Israel being judged for not being a Christian country. Read your bible,Israel will be converted at Gods appointed time.That time is not yet.YOU sound jealous of Amir.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Rick,
I've read the Bible and agree with you on the Romans 11 plan of God for Israel 100%.

Jealous ?
No, I've learned to be content with what Jesus has provided, given me.
There is great peace in being content as it is God who give and takes away.
I'm just a watchman and I warn the sleepy sheep, even though they refuse to listen or heed the warning. My hands are clean.

Amir is a believer in Messiah Jesus.
Deception abounds in these dark times where everything is not what it seems to be.

Thanks for your comment Rick.

Rick Barnes said...

Jealous was wrong word. Amir seems genuine though I no longer believe in a pre trib rapture. So many Christians disagree with each other. Its hard to know the truth at times.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Rick,
He gives me the creeps, kind of reminds me of Benny the Hinn.
Some things don't add up with him.

An example; Could you ever hear Amir preach the message I preached today.

How Did Israel Get So Stupid ?

NOT A CHANCE -He's selling USA as an idol and not warning the backslid church to REPENT.

A fraud through and through and the Lord showed me that early on.
I believe the more we read God's word and the more intimate we are with Him, the WORD, the easier it is to see clearly in these foggy times.