Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Playing With Snakes

But Michael the archangel, when he disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses, did not dare pronounce against him a railing judgment, but said,

“The Lord rebuke you!” 

But these men revile the things which they do not understand; and the things which they know by instinct, like unreasoning animals, by these things they are destroyed.

Jude 1:9

I have a neighbor who had a bad habit of picking up snakes by their tail.
I saw macho man pick up an oak snake in his chicken coop one time by the tail and throw it down hard, and figured out he was going to find the trouble he was looking for eventually.
He did.
A while after that he picked up a beautiful, small, harmless looking but deadly coral snake and it bit him. EMT's told him he was fortunate that it was a dry bite or he would have been pushing up daises.

He doesn't play with snakes anymore.
Me, I just shoot em dead from a safe distance.

I'm reminded of another time of cockiness, this one fatal, when I was a Crew Chief in the USAF.

In the nearly four years on the flight line launching out the fighter jets there was only one time an extremely over confident pilot did not want to go through the flight safety checks and he died, quickly, flying the jet upside down at mach speed, hitting a mound near White Sands, N.M.
He also got the innocent WSO in the back seat killed who had just gotten stationed there, and was on his first flight getting familiar with the base bombing ranges.  

That preventable accident taught me the life lesson of overconfidence. It will get you killed quick.
There were only tiny pieces left to pick up out there in the desert.
The investigators called it pilot error. I called it death by stupidity and pride.

There is something about the pride of man that leads him to his destruction as we see with the story of the macho showoff below on his last birthday outing. He just had to show off to his wife.

Often the proud fools take others with them as we saw with Adolph Hitler and his delusion of a so called superior Aryan race. When are we going to figure out that there is nothing superior about us. We are an inferior breed of fools led by other proud fools. Without God's intervention, this generation, we're all dead.

Millions died because of the Satan inspired pride that drove Hitler and mesmerized the German people who dearly loved their genocidal, maniacal leader.
Today we have the demon possessed Muslim leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei who is determined to exterminate the Jews.

We've been through this before recently with the failed Nazi's, and long ago in Old Iran, Persia, with the first attempt of Satan to rid the world of the Jews, found in the book of Esther.
It did not go well for Haman and all of Israel's enemies that time and neither did it go well for Hitler and his Third Reich.
So now we have the mad, insane Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei on the same failed path to wipe out Israel and the Jews.
And once again the nations of the world could care less as they line up to make business deals with the new Nazi's.
This is all due to the nuclear deal America's devil president Obama made with the Iranian devil.
Sow when war breaks out between Israel and Iran, please don;t be a fool and blame Israel or the Jews, don't blame Trump.
For the first time in your life blame Obama. He's the one who set for the stage for the death of millions by playing with the deadly snake.

'Don't mess with snakes,' says wife of man fatally bitten while grabbing rattler

Barry Lester picked up the snake while he and his wife were traveling on back roads toward Keystone Lake where they planned to spend Lester's 57th birthday walking and enjoying the outdoors.

Lester's wife, Roberta Lester, told the Tulsa World that he had picked up many snakes over the years without getting bit. But on this occasion, the young adult timber rattlesnake he picked up managed to turn and bite Lester's left hand. His wife said he then moved the snake to his right hand and it bit him there too.

"He was talking and his head dropped, and I think that was it,"

The End !


Anonymous said...

Pride and Foolishness.
Do NOT listen to the Lying spirits that urge human beings to do stupid and dumb things.
May The LORD+ grant to us The Mind of CHRIST+.
1 Corinthians 2:16

Marcel Cousineau said...

watching as humanity gets more and more stupid by the hour and day.
There was a news report about how 65% of students on American government schools can not read at their grade level.
The failed corrupt system keeps pouring billions into the godless sewer and wonder why schools are so dangerous and students are dumber than they have ever been.
They threw God out and now darkness rules.