Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hypocrite Nations, Always Restraining Israel, Never Islam & It's Terrorism

During the German led Holocaust against the Jews they went silently and without much resistance into Hitlers gas chambers to die.
The agenda of the anti-Semites today is the same. 

Always restrain Israel (never those attacking Israel) to make the final solution against Israel easier for Islam and the rest of Satan's followers.

The evil global media and Ireland, (US, UN, EU) always portray the Palestinian Muslim terrorists as poor innocent victims.
Today the same evil world target the Jews with their calls for Israel to be restrained.
A message to once again not resist and go quietly into the darkness, timid and weak against the new Nazi's of Islam who have openly called for extermination of the Jews.

Britain & Europe have already submitted to evil Islam,
and this is why these cowards point their dirty, hypocrite fingers at Israel
and never at the real cause of the trouble, evil Islam.

On cue and with one evil voice the world points their filthy fingers at Israel for the many deaths on the Gaza Israel border yesterday.
They are dead silent when it comes to the Hamas terrorist, Islamic charter to exterminate Israel and the Jews and they never call for any meaningful restraint from the followers of the religion of terrorism, Islam.

The disgusting hypocrisy of Europe and Ireland in not going after the Islamic terrorists Hamas with full force reveals that Ireland and Europe serve the Dragon, Satan. (see Revelation 12) 

This is another good reason to understand why there is a hell. 


Ireland also asked for “restraint from Israel in the hours and days ahead,” 


Ireland dresses down Israeli ambassador over Gaza border deaths

Irish FM tells Ze'ev Boker of his government's 'shock and dismay' at the dozens of fatalities; China calls for restraint, Moscow expresses concern.

 Ireland summoned the Israeli ambassador Tuesday to communicate its “shock and dismay” over the deaths of dozens of Palestinians during clashes with Israeli security forces along the border with the Gaza Strip the day before.


The same old strategy of Satan against the Jews, turn the evil enemy into victims



Anonymous said...

This is so disgusting.
The Gaza thing is NO "peaceful demonstration" as they say.

Israel is being attacked openly.
If those rabid muslims broke through, how many Jews would die? A LOT!

As you stated, the governments of the world and the lying U N will NEVER call down islam but will deny Israel the ability to defend itself and its borders.

Islam will not be happy until Israel is destroyed.
They have a LONG, LONG wait ahead, for Israel will never be destroyed.


Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Truly disgusting and evil to the worst degree possible.
The hypocrite nations will taste the anger of God like they never have before.
What incredible deception we are under today.

It is the USA, the Sodomy nation that moved it's embassy to Jerusalem yesterday which is the GREATEST restrainer of Israel than any other nation.
I look for God to show His GREAT displeasure to the biggest hypocrite nation America, masquerading as a friend of Israel while Israel bows to this evil idol.
Good to see that your comment got thru this time, have a blessed week brother.