Tuesday, December 31, 2019


The U.S. strikes over the weekend were the latest to target the Iraqi state-sanctioned and Iranian-backed militia and appear to mark the start of a more fierce power struggle between the U.S. and Iran throughout the Middle East.


“There is no peace for the wicked,” says the Lord.

Isaiah 48:22

Only the most wicked, the most godless and most perverted need apply in America's evil, soul destroying education system !

Top Dept. Of Evil US Education official arrested for trying to set up sex with underage boy

He allegedly intended to meet with a minor boy for sex, sources said.

I listened to a few minutes of Brian Mudd (WJNO Palm Beach) filling in for Mark Levin on the radio last night and he revealed how before the US Department of Education was created America was number two in education behind Australia and since then how America has fallen down below the gutter in education. 

He mentioned how in 1980 the evil D.O.E removed every trace of God from education in America. 
Any wonder why we have mass shootings in our schools along with a host of other evils ?


Mr. Mudd is a very brave soul to speak the truth and facts the evil elite hide from the sheeple, especially over national Radio.



SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called for his military and diplomats to prepare unspecified “offensive measures” to protect the country’s security and sovereignty

The Trump administration still believes it “can find a path forward to convince the leadership in North Korea that their best course of action is to create a better opportunity for their people by getting rid of their nuclear weapons.”

“We’re watching what they’re doing here in the closing days of this year, and we hope that they’ll make a decision that will lead to a path of peace and not one towards confrontation,” Pompeo said.


20 But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.

21 There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.


The disastrous Bush invasion of Iraq continues to reap very bad dividens


“Iran killed an American contractor, wounding many. We strongly responded, and always will. Now Iran is orchestrating an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq. They will be held fully responsible. In addition, we expect Iraq to use its forces to protect the Embassy, and so notified!” Trump tweeted from his estate in Palm Beach, Florida.


The Iraqi supporters, many dressed in military apparel, pushed into the compound using cars to break through its gate. The protesters hung a poster on the wall saying, “America is an aggressor.”


US embassy in Iraq 'stormed' by protesters angry at air strikes on militia Iran backed Iraqi Islamic terrorists.

Protesters angered by recent US air strikes on an Iran-backed Iraqi militia have reportedly broken into the US embassy compound in Baghdad.

Thanks a heap President Bush!

The other lying *SOB who told us Islam was a religion of peace 

* Son of Bush

The Iraqi government said it will reconsider its relationship with the U.S.-led coalition — the first time it has said it will do so since an agreement was struck to keep some U.S. troops in the country. It called the attack a “flagrant violation” of its sovereignty.



Following Sunday's US airstrikes on Iranian-affiliated militias in Iraq, Israel must now be more careful about its own airstrikes in Iraq, former IDF intelligence chief Amos Yadlin tweeted on Monday

“Oh, that you had paid attention to My commandments! 
Then your peace and prosperity would have been like a [flowing] river,And your righteousness [the holiness and purity of the nation] like the [abundant] waves of the sea.

Isaiah 48:18



The New York Supreme Court's decision took no notice of the rights of the parents to practice their religion in regards to the vaccination mandates. 



Valpariso, Chile, Maringa, Brazil, Venice, Italy, Jawa Timur, Indonesia, Philippines, Fiji, Micronesia, Uruguay, Japan, Tehachapi, California, etc.

Plus feeding the poor, the debt slaves in Pakistan.


Thousands evacuated to beaches as Australia's bushfire crisis worsens

Around 4,000 people in the state of Victoria were forced to take shelter on the beach in the holiday town of Mallacoota as the fires continue to rage out of control.


So the runners went throughout Israel and Judah with the letters from the hand of the king and his officials, in accordance with the command of the king, saying, 

“O sons (descendants) of Israel, return to the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel (Jacob), so that He will return to those of you who escaped and are left from the hand (power) of the kings of Assyria. 

Do not be like your fathers and your brothers, who were unfaithful to the Lord God of their fathers, so that He made them a horror (lifeless, desolate), just as you see. 

Now do not stiffen your neck [becoming obstinate] like your fathers, but yield to the Lord and come to His sanctuary which He has sanctified and set apart forever, and serve the Lord your God, so that His burning anger will turn away from you. 
For if you return to the Lord, your brothers (relatives) and your children will find compassion in the presence of those who led them away captive and will return to this land. For the Lord your God is gracious and merciful, and He will not turn His face away from you if you return to Him.”
10 So the runners (couriers) passed from city to city through the country of Ephraim and Manasseh, as far as Zebulun; but the people laughed at them with scorn and mocked them. 
11 Yet some of the men of Asher, Manasseh, and Zebulun humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem. 
12 Also the hand of God was on Judah to give them one heart to do that which the king and the officials had commanded by the word of the Lord.

Monday, December 30, 2019

2020 The Year of Many Disasters

It should be evident to many, especially after these past two days that God has given reprobate America over to the darkness and evil the nation has chosen to serve instead of Him.

If not, you will this coming year.


“Behold, I am weighted down beneath you
As a cart that is weighted down when it is full of sheaves.
“Flight will be lost to the swift [so they will be unable to escape],
And the strong shall not strengthen nor maintain his power,
Nor shall the mighty man save his own life.
“He who handles the bow will not stand his ground,
The one who is swift of foot will not escape,
Nor will he who rides the horse save his life [from the invading army].
“Even the bravest among the warriors shall flee naked on that day,” says the Lord.

Amos 2: 13-16

US Promises Action on any N. Korean Missile Test

Washington has many "tools in its tool kit" to respond to any such test, O'Brien said in an interview with ABC's "This Week."

"We'll reserve judgment but the United States will take action as we do in these situations," he said. "If Kim Jong Un takes that approach we'll be extraordinarily disappointed and we'll demonstrate that disappointment."


U.S. conducts 'precision defensive strikes' on 5 Hezbollah/IRAN locations in Iraq, Syria

Strikes targeted five locations belonging to the Iran-backed Iraqi paramilitary group Kata'ib Hezbollahincluding three in Iraq and two in Syria in response to attacks on bases that hosted Operation Inherent Resolve coalition forces.

Hezbollah recent strikes have included more than 30 rocket attacks on an Iraqi base near Kirkuk.



"Today, the era of American free action in the region is over," Khanzadi said, according to the Iranian Tasnim news agency. "They must leave the region gradually," he added.

Syria, God's judgment on Islam & Israel's enemies 

Two weeks of heightened regime and Russian bombardment has displaced 235,000 people

Idlib is dominated by the country’s former Al-Qaeda affiliate, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, whose chief this week urged jihadists and allied rebels to head to the frontlines and battle “the Russian occupiers” and the regime.


A witness told CBS 11 News the gunman walked up to a server during communion with a shotgun and then opened fire. According to the witness, another church member — identified as a former FBI agent and part of the church’s security — shot the suspect.


More than 100 fires are continuing to burn across Australia.

Tens of thousands of residents and holidaymakers in the Australian state of Victoria have been told to evacuate amid worsening bushfire conditions.

The fires have destroyed 4m hectares (9.9m acres) in five states since September. At least eight deaths have been linked to the fires.


If a trumpet is blown in a city [warning of danger] will not the people tremble?
If a disaster or misfortune occurs in a city has not the Lord caused it?

Amos 3:6

China's Arctic ambitions spark fear among U.S. military leaders

“Moscow already illegally demands that other nations request permission to pass, requires Russian maritime pilots to be aboard foreign ships, and threatens to use military force to sink any that fail to comply,” Mr. Pompeo said in his speech, which was delivered at a meeting of the eight-nation Arctic Council in May. 

“These provocative actions are part of a pattern of aggressive Russian behavior in the Arctic. Russia is already leaving snow prints in the form of army boots.”



YouTube -Pastor Benjamin Faircloth 

Confirmation !!!

It's amazing how God works.
I didn't get a chance to listen to the video yesterday as it came late.
Just finished listening to it now, 9:50 am Monday and the same scripture (Amos 2) Jesus led me to early this morning is what Pasor Benjamin preached on.
Amazing !!!


Intolerant, bigoted, ignorant Governor of New York, Democrat Andy Cuomo responsible along with the Democrat Party of baby murdering, perversions galore, intolerance, lies and hate for feeding hate in America.

Democrat & Reprobate Gov. Cuomo to Conservatives: Leave New York

In a radio interview on WCNY, Cuomo commented on the battle within the Republican Party between conservatives and moderates: "Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives, who are right to life, pro assault weapon, anti-gay, is that who they are? Because if that is who they are, and if they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York because that is not who New Yorkers are."

The attempt to marginalize conservatives smacks of dictatorial behavior clearly evident in President Obama's dealings with his political and ideological opponents. It's as if he's saying to Republicans, "I won. You lost. Get over it!" Whether its taxes, the debt ceiling or spending caps, Obama appears to rule with no need to negotiate, as though the last election, which put Republicans in the majority in the House, never happened.

Anti Freedom reprobate Democrat Gov. Conservatives have no right to live in NY. Now Leave.


Better is a dry morsel [of food served] with quietness and peace Than a house full of feasting [served] with strife and contention.

Proverbs 17:1

Sunday, December 29, 2019

No More Freedom

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What if 1 Jew in that gathering of 100 had a gun?

But there is 1 problem with that.

The reprobate leaders make it hard for honest law abiding citizens in NYC to defend themselves with a gun.
So you can count on the criminals and gang bangers having guns there and not law abiding citizens.

Even if it turns out not to be Muslim terrorism, the evil spirit behind Islam spreads its dark Jew hate like a plague everywhere.

We remember the same evil 'disarmed status' of Jews in Germany's Third Reich under Jew hater Chancellor Adolf H.

Was this terrorist another Muslim from the religion of terrorism, Islam, that our government of incompetent, overpaid idiots invited in ?

The same idiot politicians crying about the rise in anti-Semitism that they made possible.

Multiple people stabbed in attack at Rockland County synagogue

“Between Jersey City and New York and now this — all of this hate is affecting people,” Hikind continued, “and giving sick people a license to attack Jews.”


Hunters Destroyers

Look at how the neutered US Govt., FBI and media give her a pass for her secret, closed door meetings  with known Islamic terrorist supporters.

Have you noticed how the wicked rulers who create the problems put the guilt that belongs to them on the citizen victims by calling them prejudiced, racist and Islamophobic?

You really have to be insane today not to be Islamophobic.
Common Sense sees the fruits of this evil and terror every day across this sick earth.


Righteousness [moral and spiritual integrity and virtuous character] exalts a nation,
But sin is a disgrace to any people.

Proverbs 14:34


When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

Proverbs 29: 2

2019 saw most mass killings on record, US database reveals

Following deadly rampages in Virginia Beach, Virginia, in May; in the Texas cities of Odessa and El Paso, and Dayton, Ohio, in August; and in Jersey City, New Jersey, this month, the brutal yearly tally comes as the debate over gun-control and efforts to reduce access to 4m assault weapons in circulation appear stalled.

The evil left are not taking guns away from criminals and gangs, just the law abiding citizens. 
Every Democrat run city like Chicago & New York City have the strongest gun control laws and they have failed with only the  criminals and gangs using g guns on those no longer able to defend themselves because of the tyranny of the evil left.


Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring is talking tough as dozens of counties adopt Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions vowing not to spend money or time enforcing unconstitutional gun control laws, recently opining to Richmond television station WRIC that the state’s upcoming gun control laws “are going to be enforced and they’re going to be followed.”


Why do the majority of Right wing talk
radio heads continue to call the extreme Left "Liberals" ? 

It's no wonder why the godless, reprobate Left is always crushing the Right with such lame leaders.
There is nothing liberal about them.

The hard left Obama revolutionary gangsters have gotten away with their many, many high crimes and their CIAFBIOBAMALORETTAWENCHDOJHILLARYDEMOCRATPARTYNSAWHITEHOUSEDIA led three and a half year coup attempt against President Trump.

Under a corrupt FBI & DOJ and fake-Trump not one if the criminals including Obama and Hillary have faced a thimble full of justice.

Even in third world countries and Banana Republics there is more justice then in the USA.

Bolivia is not a Mexican colony, acting foreign minister Longaric tells El Pais

Corrupt and falling apart, Drug Cartel ruled Mexico's hard left Prez Lopez Obrador, a leftist, offered Morales asylum after a presidential election the Organization of American States said was rigged in his favor. Morales has since gone to Argentina.


There is a way which seems right to a man and appears straight before him,
But its end is the way of death.

Proverbs 16:25

God has given America over to destruction. That is why most of the wicked voters elect evil, oppressive and tyrannical Democrats to rule over America.

The sin overdosed voters gave Lolita Express pervert Bill Clinton, husband of the witch Hillary 8 years and they elected Skull n Bones Bush 2 who opened up the big can of hell in Iraq, creator of Islamic terrorist ruled Hamastan, Gaza, and gave him 8 years, and then they gave the lawless one Obama the pathological liar and high crimes president 8 years.

A wicked people always get wicked leaders to herd them into tyranny and oppression and no more freedom.


Jason A. YouTube video

Ring of Fire... Victoria Fall no more, Zimbabwe drought & famine, Portugal, France storms, Australia burning, Somalia locust plague. etc.



Behind the lies, behind the Taqiyya, behind the charade and Islamic propaganda this is what the followers of the false prophet Mohammed really think of freedom.

This is the trash, perverse UK leaders imported into the country !

Do you think these incompetent, criminally negligent, corrupt leaders will ever admit their great error and confess that Islam is a diabolical, bloodthirsty and deadly religion 

....or will they point their filthy finger and blame you instead?