Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Andy Stanley Test For All Believers In Jesus Christ

Do the popular teachers and preachers of our day like Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Francis Chan, Bill Hybels, etc. lead believers into deeper purity and holiness, to be set apart from this evil world in deep deep rebellion against the Creator ?

....or do they teach a false unity and false love based on compromise with a wickedness based world system ?

The false shepherds who love this present evil world more than they love God (Idolatry) always lead their flocks to slaughter... and slaughter is coming to the backslid church.

If you are not "of the men who sigh [in distress] and grieve over all the repulsive acts which are being committed" across America and this wretched earth, and comfortable, compromised with this world, then you are under great deception, and you are facing severe judgment, the wrath of God which begins at His "Temple" His House.
It's begun !
The flood of apostasy, the great falling away is here and is it ever popular 

Andy, making the backslid church sodomy friendly

Some wolves wear pink


3 Things Andy Stanley Got Wrong about the Old Testament

Does Andy Stanley have a problem with the Old Testament? The senior pastor of Atlanta’s North Point Community Church (and one of the 12 on Baylor’s Most Effective Preachers list) stirred up the already tumultuous evangelical waters when he told Christians to “unhitch” their faith from the Old Testament.
Stanley explained that while he believes that the Old Testament is ‘divinely inspired,’ it should not be ‘the go-to source regarding any behavior in the church.’"


Here is what is coming to the church that rejected the whole revelation, the whole truth of God and His word.

Therefore, I indeed will deal in wrath. My eye will have no pity nor will I spare [them]; and though they cry loudly in My ears, yet I will not listen to them.”

The Lord said to him, “Go through the midst of the city, throughout all of Jerusalem, and put a mark on the foreheads of the men who sigh [in distress] and grieve over all the repulsive acts which are being committed in it.”

But to the others I heard Him say, “Follow him [the man with the scribe’s writing case] throughout the city and strike; do not let your eyes have pity and do not spare [anyone].

Utterly slay old men, young men, maidens, little children, and women; but do not touch or go near anyone on whom is the mark. Begin at My sanctuary.” So they began with the old men who were in front of the temple [who did not have the Lord’s mark on their foreheads].

Ezekiel 8


Little Children, Keep Yourselves From Idols

Air Supply and idolatry.


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