Saturday, May 5, 2018

Naive Israel Seduced By President Trump

Jesus speaking to Israel and to His fellow Jews 2,000 years ago about today ;

'I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, you will receive him.'

John 5:43

Every single time Israel has retreated from any land God has given them, it has turned out extremely bad for the Jewish people. 
After the US under backstabbing President Bush threatened Israel's PM Sharon into retreating from Gaza for America's fake-peace lie we now have Hamastan, Gaza, an Islamic terrorist enclave that threatens Israel daily. 

Thank you President's Bush, Clinton, Obama, and now Trump for your evil and treachery in the guise of being a friend of Israel.

You would think by now that after retreating from Gaza that they had learned their bloody lesson but that is not the case as Jesus prophesied so clearly.  

Faith challenged Israeli leaders always listen to anyone and everyone but God

Lap dogs always roll over on command for their masters

  hat tip-

Israel sources: Trump to ask Israel to withdraw from four East Jerusalem neighbourhoods.

While the US administration is yet to release details of what Donald Trump has called the “deal of the century”, Israeli sources have claimed that the American President will ask Israel to withdraw from four Palestinian neighbourhoods in Islam occupied East Jerusalem.


Michael Oren: FORGET GOD, Israel should welcome Trump peace plan

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has developed a close relationship with and lavished praise (& worship) on Trump, who has broken with decades of tradition by appearing to openly side with Israel in the Middle East conflict.

I remember faith challenged Michael Oren when he was Israel's lap dog Ambassador on knee-pads to Washington under Obama.
When Barry Rubin was still alive and writing at P.J. Media, Michael came by to chastise him for using Obama's middle name, Hussein.

Cowardly, faithless wimps always defend those who enslave them

These faithless poodles and lap dogs of Israel never really change, they always find some other false god to bow to and serve, anyone but the Holy One of Israel.

This is why I have ZERO doubts that things will go very bad for Israel....

Because they failed to learn their lesson of surrendering any land that the Holy One of Israel has returned to His faith challenged people Israel.

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