Monday, April 16, 2018

What is Russia's “Pre-designed Scenario Being Implemented Now” ?

''The worst apprehensions have come true.
Our warnings have been left unheard.
A pre-designed scenario is being implemented,' Russian envoy Anatoly Antonov said in a statement. '

We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences.”

Putin's comments came as Russia's Ambassador to the United States warned the White House on Friday that military strikes against its ally 'will not be left without consequences' after President Donald Trump ordered the bombing of a multiple targets in Syria.

“A pre-designed scenario is being implemented,” Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov said on Twitter. “Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences.”


I believe the pre-designed Russia Scenario has to do with Iran.

The Iranians have been praying to their false god allah and preparing for war against America, their Great Satan' since 1979.
Iran used to be our close ally... until
 I can remember when I was in basis training at Lackland AFB in 1972 seeing Iranian pilots training there (McDonald Douglas, Phantom, F4-D) when they were on our side, just before Roe vs. Wade legalized the killing of unborn babies here in America.

God is always a few steps ahead of us.
I know in His mercy He has been holding back Iran, Russia, and others for our LONG OVERDUE judgment, until now.
As Nathan Leal points out below, we have another mad war president and 1 pride filled James 'neocon' Bolton.


Iran deal’s fate could rest on last-minute European interventions with Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — The future of the landmark Iran nuclear deal hangs in the balance and its survival may depend on the unlikely success of last-minute European interventions with President Donald Trump.

French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are to visit Washington separately later this month, and, barring a sudden trip by British Prime Minister Theresa May, will likely be the last foreign leaders who are officially invested in the deal to see Trump ahead of his mid-May deadline for the accord to be strengthened.

Trump has vowed to withdraw from the 2015 agreement by May 12, unless US, British, French, and German negotiators can agree to fix what he sees as its serious flaws.


Warning – John Bolton admits that the US will invade Iran this year! Video Proof


And that takes us to the message I posted last week ;

Syria is Not the Problem, Iran is

to warn everyone out there;

This is the warning I first heard 13 years ago about a confrontation that (if this dream is true) will take us and the world into the Tribulation period, a warning that few have paid attention to.

"As a snare shall it come upon the earth"

If President Trump declares a UN Naval blockade of Iran after his May 12th deadline....   


Nuclear Holocaust Prophecy
July 5, 2005
It was a dream or vision what ever you want to call it.
It did not feel that far away the timeline of events.
I was driving in my car early in the morning around maybe 5 am felt like I was comeing home from a job at a radio or maybe tv station.
I was listening to the radio and they said that Iranain oil tankers being escorted by russian warships have attemed to cross the US naval blockaid of the Gulf of Oman and that an exchange between US Naval Forces and Russian Warships has occured and that a US navy carrier has been sunk by a low yeild nuclear blast and that we responed with same.
Then shortly after I started to hear the weather sirens and then the Emergency Alert System over the radio. Then shortly after that The radio announcer's have stated that nuclear weapon explosions have taken out nato miltary headquaters and norad in Colorado then I saw mutable detonations of nuclear weapons not far from where I was at.
Then one more flash of light then I was up.I don't know if this was just a dream or events to come. I only know one thing it felt to real and it felt close.


I just noticed that they have removed the link to my first blog "A Very Heavy Stone" where I first posted this back on July of 2005.


John Bolton says the USA is invading Iran in 2018


Liberman: Israel won’t accept Russian curbs on its activity in Syria

February’s drone incident was “the first time we saw Iran do something against Israel — not by proxy,” the official said. “This opened a new period.”

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