Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Toronto, "We are Clueless to The Motive"

Tuesday - 3:40 P.M. UPDATE 

his now-deleted Facebook account,

They deleted his Facebook to hide some things they do not want us to know bout as they cherry pick what they choose to let us know about this terrorist.
Notice, we've heard nothing about what else is on his computer.... and probably never will .
I find it interesting that after everything that has come out about this mass slaughterer Alek, we still have not been told his family religious background ????

If he were a Christian or a Jew we would already know.


A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.

Ecclesiastes 10:2


We are witnessing the standard operating procedure of the extreme left globalist criminals in the West in Toronto nearly twenty four hours after this Islamic inspired terrorism;

"We are clueless to the motive"

Can they really be this stupid ?
No, it has to do with covering up the motive which they knew immediately.

Canada police say deadly ramming ‘deliberate’ but refrain from calling it terror

If we called it terror it would reveal that as we have witnessed in Europe, Canada has an Islam problem and we want to keep the delusion we have created here in Canada from dying a premature death.
Ralph Goodale, the minister of public security, added that “on the basis of all available information at the present time, there would appear to be no national security connection to this particular incident,

What I am saying by this statement 'no national security connection' is that if there is any connection whatsoever to Islam we will make sure to cover that up, as it is much easier to lie to you  than deal with the reality we face due to our criminal negligence.”


Instead of correctly calling it an Islamic inspired attack we shall call it 'a van attack'.
That is how we subtly brainwash you and do the thinking for you.

Toronto van attack: Suspect quizzed after 10 pedestrians killed

Alek Minassian, 25, was not previously known to authorities, police said. We don't know much around here.
The incident appeared to be deliberate but the motive was not clear, officials added, "we're really stupid when it comes to that".
We are working very hard to keep any connection to Islam off the radar. This is our primary objective, citizens of Canada be damned.

As you all well know Islamic State created these kinds of attacks and have told their followers world wide to strike the kuffar, (infidels) in this manner.
Order out of chaos, aye

Our dear PM Trudeau has allowed the Muslim terrorists who went to Syria to return to Canada to jihad here among us.

If Alek was a recent convert to Islam we will make sure you never hear about it because our primary job is to cover up our criminal negligence when it comes to our immigration policies and the religion of terrorism, Islam.
Our media are working with us as nearly 24 hours after this Islamic inspired terrorism we play clueless and dumb with our lies and cover up;

 "the motive not being clear yet". 

We will always bury the true motive when it comes to our dear religion of peace because we want all of you defenseless and brainwashed sheep headed for slaughter to continue believing our lies.


The Globalists are evil criminals

Germany, in the camp of the dragon

The German government affirmed last week that every country has the right to name its own capital, but argued that the status of Jerusalem can only be settled through Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.


How the wretched, despicable, corrupt, and godless German government takes care of their Islamic terrorists.


A Tunisian man who once allegedly protected Osama Bin Laden has lived in Germany since 1997 and gets €1,168 (£1,022) a month in welfare payments.


Carter Center Sued for Providing Support to Terrorists, Defrauding Taxpayers 
The Carter Center received more than $30 million in taxpayer grants while violating federal statutes barring it from using the cash to provide material support to terror groups. The plaintiffs maintain the Carter Center has violated the law by hosting designated terrorists at is facilities, as well as by providing various forms of assistance to the Palestinian terror group Hamas and other known terror entities, according to recently unsealed court documents.


The evil LEFT and ISLAM serve the same master Satan.
You can see this by their fruit of lies, lies, lies and their hatred for Israel.
The godless, perverted hard left media and leftist governments work hard to cover up Islams true nature and target any who speak the evident truth about this evil they have imported into Western countries to destroy any Judaeo-Christians foundations which remain.


hat tip - noodles 

We Are Closing In Upon A 'Trigger Event' That Could Unleash Total Pandemonium In America As 'Deep State' Warns 'Massive Terror Attack' Coming

The unhinged Left, of course, will immediately start rioting once Hillary Clinton gets indicted. Once the riots begin, I fully expect “kinetic engagement” to begin. Note that I do not support such bloodshed, and I don’t condone it. The last thing I want to see is the blood of Americans spilled on the streets of America. Yet I fear this is exactly where things are headed for the simple reason that Leftists can no longer participate in a free society in any rational, lawful way. They are deranged, hate-filled lunatics who despise law and order and literally seek to murder their political enemies. The very idea that their own deep state treasonous swamp creatures might face the rule of law will drive Leftists to unhinged extremism, which is likely to include their bombing of government buildings, mass arson, chaos in the streets, the widespread targeting of police officers and the attempted murdering of conservatives and Trump supporters.

The extreme intolerance, irrationality, anger and lawlessness of the Left, in other words, is simply irreconcilable with a free society. The current situation cannot persist much longer without something breaking.

We aren’t far away from a trigger event that could unleash all this. In fact, as I’ve explained on Natural News, there are globalist elements that actively seek to push America into a civil war in order to call for United Nations “peacekeeping” intervention (run by Obama, of course).




Spain: Jihad Continues

Since the March 2004 attacks on Madrid's trains, Spanish authorities have arrested more than 750 jihadis in 243 counter-terrorism operations, according to the Interior Ministry.

Jihadis remain undeterred. A recent Islamic State document included a list of grievances against Spain for wrongs allegedly done to Muslims since the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa on July 16, 1212.



Anonymous said...

Islamists feel mistreated if people do not allow them to kill them and rape all their women.

Check the 1,400 year history of this death cult and it's demon possessed founder.

Everyone in Canada and elsewhere knew immediately what this massacre of innocent people was all about
A " brave" jihadi decided to slaughter men, women, and children for his demon named allah.

Stop the stinking imams who are encouraging this carnage.
The government is useless as far as protecting it's people is concerned.

The LORD+ is the ONLY protection for HIS+ Children. We pray for HIS+ Protection in the coming storm.

Bless you Marcel,
Samson7able <(((><

Anonymous said...

Amen, the Lord is our only protection.
We have been betrayed by our devious and lying political class.

I've heard the diversionary rant of the Canadian establishment from the mouth of more than 1 of the authorities today.
Just heard the criminal Crime Minister Justin T. on the radio
"there would appear to be no national security connection to this particular incident"

Instead of Islamic terrorist attack or Islam inspired terrorism.
The naive, brainwashed and comatose people are easily led to their destruction by the smiling pied pipers of hell.

Anonymous said...

Having read this I believed it was really enlightening.

I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this article together.

I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and posting comments.

But so what, it was still worthwhile!

Anonymous said...