Tuesday, April 17, 2018

To Every Thing There is a Season, And a Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven

..a time of war

“I placed your king in the position to bring war and judgment upon this land and people.”

My son, I am bringing war to this land to make My People seek Me since they will not seek Me any other way. Just as I took away My Glory from Shiloh, I will take My Glory away from America.

I placed your king in the position to bring war and judgment upon this land and people. Wake up, My people! See the king as he really is – not a blessing, but a curse.

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Iranian-Backed ‘Sleeper Cell’ Militants Hibernating in U.S., Positioned for Attack

"They are as good or better at explosive devices than ISIS, they are better at assassinations and developing assassination cells," said Michael Pregent, a former intelligence officer who worked to counter Iranian influence in the region.
"They're better at targeting, better at looking at things," and they can outsource attacks to Hezbollah.


 “The young lions have roared at him, They have roared loudly. And they have made his land a waste; His cities have been destroyed, without inhabitant.
Jeremiah 2:15

Syria, a sign of things to come across the earth

Destruction in Douma – latest images from the Syria conflict 


Iran and Israel are already at war - It will only escalate

Bracing for Iran missile or drone strikes, IDF reveals Iranian targets in Syria
On Monday, a spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said the country’s retaliation against Israel will come “sooner or later” and that Jerusalem will “regret its misdeeds.”


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