Sunday, April 8, 2018

In Germany They No Longer Call it An Islamic Terrorist Attack

Germany is working VERY hard to cover up their Islam problem.

They will not identify them as Muslim because it exposes their incompetence and failure .
The truth,  reality, is not good for them, it goes against their nefarious, totalitarian, NWO agenda.
That is why Islam's terrorism is so helpful to their police state, lockdown, Orwellian plans.


I just got hacked again while getting information on the arrest of 'the six'.
This is the second time, everything is was 90 degrees and this time the delete key sent me off the internet page and onto the blue microsoft lock screen.
Have you tried typing everything sideways with the cursor arrow in wobble mode?

What good is Norton ? What a disappointment they are !



It seems the fascists are limiting free speech in a hurry now.
Was it about what I wrote on Syria this morning and how they use Chemical + Children as cause for World War III with Russia while we murder our unborn babies in the 60 million dead range before they even get a chance to breath ?

What disgusting, immoral hypocrites America's leadership are.

anyone know how to fix this ?

6 People Detained in Plot to Attack Berlin Half-Marathon, Police Say

The main suspect allegedly knew Anis Amri, a Tunisian who killed 12 people and injured dozens more when he drove a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin in December 2016, Die Welt reported.

'6 Muslim terrorists our criminally negligent German government brought into the country' 

That would be a more truthful headline, but truth is the first casualty of the fascists control freaks now ruling the West.


Will Muslim mayor of gun free, bloody London
outlaws forks next ?

Forks Are Next

London's Mayor Declares Intense New 'Knife Control' Policies To Stop Epidemic Of Stabbings

It's also not clear what local Londoners will now use to cut their food.

Europe has become spiritually dead and something their ancestors would have never done, invited an evil and barbaric, false religion to replace the light of truth.
That is why London has surpassed NYC in homicides this year


Good Good Father - HOUSEFIRES II (Featuring Pat Barrett)


Anonymous said...

Amen Marcel! Keep going as long as you can!

Spit in the eye of these servants of satan!

In The Name of The Eternal SON+ of GOD, JESUS CHRIST our LORD+, I curse the plans of these global satanists, these 10 kings.

They are not as hidden as they think they are. They are in the LORD'S+ Bombsite .The LORD GOD strike them down in their lies and deceit. Their days are numbered.

Peace to you Marcel.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Watching the Syria set up going to the UN tomorrow.
It won't take more than a match to set the world on fire now.
On the hack while I was at a German web site, more than a coincidence I believe.

I heard from someone that it was google chrome, but I never had this happen in 20 years online ?
Especially with the delete key taking me off the internet page to a the blue screen microsoft lock, etc. site ?

Anonymous said...

Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

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Marcel Cousineau said...


"The first casualty of War is Truth"

Any idea on how a command prompt gets through Norton without their help ?