Saturday, April 21, 2018

WARNING - Francis Chan, False Teacher of False Unity

I used to hear another very popular false teacher threaten and warn the sheep to dare not question or touch the Lords Anointed (him) or else.

Slippery and slick Benny Hinn would often use this slick trick to keep the sheep from discerning.

Jesus showed me so many things about this fake, greedy hustler who deceived so many with his slick showmanship while I lived in Orlando.
I only had to go to his church a few times to see the deception.
Satan hates discerning saints who rely on God's wisdom (not their own wisdom) and are taught by the Holy Spirit and the Living word of God.  

Francis Chan is a hustler for the anti-Christ spirit which already has the world in it's grip and is now rampaging throughout the Temple of God and deceiving the naive and careless saints.

Benny, along with Rick Warren, Francis Chan, the anti-Israel disciples of hell, and so many other popular wolves in sheep's costume are whom Jesus warned us about in this last generation of great deception before Jesus returns.

Francis Chan Herald of the antichrist-even more scarier the second time around

Listen to Jacob expose the wolves in the Temple of God preparing the deceived saints for the anti-Christ.



He’s a Superstar Pastor. She Worked for Him and Says He Groped Her Repeatedly.


With the great help of the Prince of the Power of the Air and his world media assistance, the deception has never been greater on this earth than it is today.

We can see how easily Bubba and Hillary, Obama, and his twin brother deceived the clueless America voters for 24 years and got us to where we are today, and now we have the icing on the sweet cake of death for America.
Everything today including MAGA is a delusion.

Those who are naive and careless about God and the truth are in serious trouble like never before.
This 1 life we have is no game and if we do not seek the Lord to keep and guide us we are already deceived.
The latest grand deceptions come from North Korea which HAVE NEVER kept any agreements and Saudi King in waiting, MBS.

Notice how the devils' media hype up this fake news where all Mo had to do was to let a few women drive cars, maybe, and a movie theater open up in the kingdom of darkness, Saudi Arabia.

It's so easy to deceive these naive fools, just smile big and say what they want to hear

And then if Kim Jong un was not conning the stupid West he would have released all of his political prisoners and had himself executed for his crimes against humanity.

How stupid and cursed mankind is.

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