Saturday, April 7, 2018

Israel, Time to Make The New Nazi's, Hamas, A Distant Memory

The Palestinians do not hide what they are, and an evil world supports and cuddles them.
You hypocrite nations will have hell for your evil efforts against Israel.

Israel’s preparation thwarted Gaza’s ‘terrorist march’

Israel's Defense Minister Liberman characterized the protest as “a terrorist march.” He said that Hamas had “sent terrorists disguised as civilians to challenge our sovereignty and the world portrays it as a civil protest.”

He lambasted the world’s “hypocrisy,” noting that dozens of civilians had been killed in the latest regime airstrikes in Syria, “but the UN secretary general did not call for an investigative committee, the UN Security Council did not convene, the Arab League ignored it, and the BBC didn’t see or hear any of it.”

The followers of the false prophet Mohammed
love & serve evil

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