Monday, April 23, 2018

Was it an Islamic Van Attack in Toronto ?

Here is how the twisted perverted minds at BBC headlined this ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK in Toronto.

With Western governments and media working overtime to cover up for their dear religion of terrorism, Islam,
The sheep headed for slaughter are being herded to the slaughterhouse by the evil cover up and propaganda brainwash globalist establishment as we see with the BBC "incident".

I just noticed that the depraved folks at BBC changed their front page headline to;

'Nine Dead as Van Hits Toronto Pedestrians'

They can't help themselves, always protecting Islam's terroris,m so they focus readers on the van.


Collision ?

Toronto collision Islamic terrorist attack: Nine dead and 16 injured after van mounts pavement

The inept authorities are always slow to tell us the facts when it comes to the religion of terrorism.

Notice how they are more concerned about the Muslim terrorists this criminal government have brought into Canada than they are about their own citizens.

The effeminate police had every right to shoot this terrorist dead and yet they didn't.

Arrest of possible suspect in van incident captured via social media

 Witness: Van struck 'every single thing' on Toronto sidewalk


“He just destroyed so many people’s lives,” he said. “Every single thing that got in his way."

Islam is all about destroying everything !



Toronto police say 9 dead, 16 injured after pedestrians struck; suspect arrested



Driver in custody after Toronto pedestrians hit by white van that fled scene

covered bodies reported on ground

What do you expect when you elect
idiots who open the doors wide to the religion of terrorism


Justin Trudeau is a criminal with much innocent blood on his head !

Trudeau Government Hid Warnings About Returning ISIS Fighters And Possible Chemical Weapons Threat


Now the question is;

Will the godless socialist idiots who have ruined Canada with their lust for the religion of terrorism admit their guilt ? 
Will they admit that they created the Muslim problem that is now killing infidel Canadians?  

Of course not !


These infidels are incredibly stupid, ripe for defeat and submission to our false god allah



Anonymous said...

This is horrible1
Trudeau is truly a criminal.

Open up the country to these islamic butchers, and then abandon his own people to be murdered for allah.

Will they actually punish this jihadist for practicing his religion on the kuffar? I doubt it! Probably sentence him to psychological counseling!

There is a Canadian woman named Sandra Solomon, a Canadian who was a former muslim in SA, who managed to escape that hole. She is now trying to warn Canada about what the muslims will do in Canada. Her life is under threat, by a fatwa from 3 imams in Canada. Yes, she is Pro- Israel! Much so.

When will Trudeau's time be up?
Another one like him may be waiting in the wings.
I pray for the poor people who lost their loved ones today to this blood thirsty death cult.

The LORD+ Bless you Marcel. The Peace of The LORD+ be with you.
Samson7able <(((><

Anonymous said...

The stupid,godless, brainwashed voters of Canada elected an idiot to lead them and this is what they get.

Did you see the video of his arrest ? The cops had every right to shoot him but now insane, liberal leftist Canada will feed, house and give him medical coverage for life or maybe the doomed fools of Canada will elect him to their Parliament ?

The godless insanity of Psalm 9:17 nations and utterly stupid and suicidal voters continues.
The Lord keep and bless you too in these evil times.