Saturday, April 21, 2018

Now Serving Coffee With Nuts

This mad world ruled by idiots with great smiles, and the people in it, are becoming more unhinged, insane & angry by the day.

Behind the facade of normal it's not too far off from exploding.
And REAL peace can be found in only 1 place. (see below)


Trudeau Government Hid Warnings About Returning ISIS Fighters And Possible Chemical Weapons Threat

The Trudeau government removed all references to ISIS fighters returning to Canada and posing a potential chemical weapons threat from a government report, despite warnings from its own public safety department.


Prosecutors have alleged that Beach threw coffee on passengers during the flight, overturned a drink cart, and ran up and down the aisle of the plane.


 Ten killed in Nicaragua protests riots over pensions reform

It follows legislation that increased pension contributions for workers and employers and reduced overall benefits BY 5%.


South Africa riots force president to leave Commonwealth summit  

Local residents said foreign-owned shops were the first to be targeted by looters. “Very poor people are in dire need. Those people looted foreigners’ shops,” said Leveticus Molosankwe, 43.


Malaysian police say the 34-year-old was shot by two assailants who fired at least eight bullets from a motorbike as he was heading to a mosque for dawn prayers in Kuala Lumpur. It said CCTV footage showed him being targeted by assassins who had waited almost 20 minutes for him to arrive.

 Heavy gunfire in Riyadh was toy drone shot down near Saudi royal palace - despite claims of 'coup'


Bless the Lord - Matt Redman

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