Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Spirit of This Age

I listened to two different preachers preach a warning to Christians of the times we are now living in yesterday.

The one who spoke yesterday mentioned the dangers of the Zeitgeist of this day before anti-Christ makes his appearance  and how the harlot Church today is imitating the world because they really do not love Jesus but the evil world and all of it's abominations. The wolves are everywhere in the church at this last hour.
He really confirmed what I wrote yesterday on the popular Christian radio station that covers 3 states and does not  share, preach, mention the whole counsel of God, only the fluffy parts.

Jacob Prasch - Session Three - "The Whole Counsel of God"

The other preacher from a July 2013 sermon (hat tip Linda S.)

 What Must I Do To Be Saved? (Pastor Charles Lawson)

warned about being caught up in the spirit of this age which is preparing the world for anti-Christ and his rule. Sadly the great falling away is already underway and will speed up when  the Bible and true Christianity are outlawed as intolerant.

 News  out of Brazil captures the Zeitgeist of this age where light and darkness mix.

Crossing Divides: Brazilian Christians rebuild 'Satan's' temple

Both divided (spirit of confusion) backslid Christian groups are wrong, unbiblical.
One side working in the flesh to attack Satan's kingdom on earth instead of praying, fasting and using spiritual warfare to war against his emissaries of deception and darkness, and the group helping to rebuild the kingdom of darkness' temple of Satan as BBC and it's anti-Christ, spirit of this age sales pitch reveals.

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.
Ephesians 5:11

Another example of the abomination age we are now living in is how Jesus has been replaced by the Spirit of this age and servant of darkness Beyonce.

Beyonce Mass


‘Dead zone’ larger than Scotland found by underwater robots in Arabian sea

Scientists say situation is 'worse than feared' after finding almost no oxygen in Gulf of Oman
"The Arabian Sea is the largest and thickest dead zone in the world.


The fruits of godlessness are evident everywhere

Drug Users Openly Shoot Up In San Francisco Metro Station


Burning Man founder Larry Harvey dies aged 70

"We tend to tell people, when they ask what it's all about: I don't know, that's for you to find out."

Jesus warned us about a place called hell often.
I think now he finds out what burning man is really all about.


The spirit of this age is one of confusion, rebellion, and gross deception. The church not grounded in the Word of God, focused on world style entertainment has already fallen to this Satanic spirit.
Instead of preparing the saints to reject the mark of the Beast the hired shepherds and feel good, marketing, entertainment Church$ are preparing them to receive it !

Which leads me to the coming judgment on land of  flooding darkness and overflowing abomination's .

I'm watching the events unfolding over Iran closely because I believe this is where we Christians who survive enter into the tribulation period...  and so many are unprepared because they listened to the spirit of this age instead of the still small voice of Jesus.

Pompeo takes aim at Iranian missiles ahead of talks with Netanyahu

“This administration has made it a priority to address Iran’s missile programs,”

Trump is due to decide on May 12 whether to reimpose nuclear-related sanctions on Tehran, putting in peril the landmark 2015 accord.

The spirit of this age leads to only one place

The pompous, proud land of abominations assuming that it has replaced God thinks it will removed the threat (Iran) to itself that God has raised up in these last days to bring His long overdue judgments on Sodom and Gomorrah America ?


More confirmation, was sent this seconds after I had posted  today's message!

hat tip - Joanne



Anonymous said...

Excellent post Marcel!
It is HIGH TIME to get real and serious.
Ichabod has been written on the organized religious (church?) system.

JESUS said :If you love ME+ keep MY+ Commandments".

If you do not love JESUS, then just do what you want to!! BUT, do not expect ANYTHING from GOD except Judgment, which you have chosen for yourself with your own free will.

Again, Great poet Marcel.
Bless you this 1st day of the week. +++
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thank you brother.
The sheep are being separated from the goats.
One thing I heard yesterday from Jacob P. that came from Spurgeon was that he saw a time when instead of the pastors, shepherds feeding the sheep, the clowns would be feeding the goats in the churches.

I think we've arrived to that prophetic day when the truth takes a back seat to entertainment and false teaching occupying the slumbering unto death backslid church.

Even so, Come Lord Jesus!