Monday, April 30, 2018

Iran, Game On

UPDATE -Monday, April 30

May seems to be coming in with a bang ?

Iran deputy FM: Nuclear deal ‘not sustainable’ regardless of US exit

Netanyahu to reveal ‘significant’ developments on Iran nuclear program at 8
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces that he will deliver a speech at 8 p.m. to unveil new “significant” intelligence regarding Iran’s nuclear program, his office says in a statement.
The announcement comes after the high-level security cabinet convened for an emergency meeting, hours after missile strikes in Syria reportedly killed some 18 Iranian troops ....and destroyed 200 missiles.


Iran leader: US will be 'hit multiple times' if it enters conflict with Iran

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls on US to 'leave' Middle East, says any power challenging Islamic republic will be defeated; US 'provoking region's inexperienced rulers to create further regional crisis'; in meeting with Iranian lawmaker, Syrian President Assad says region's maps being redrawn, 'hostile countries now trying direct aggression after proxies failed.


Monday, 30 April 2:00 pm 

Netanyahu says Iran ‘lied big time’ about nuclear program

This is big news as it looks to be the tipping point towards confrontation then war, a big, big war.


The Islamic Republic Theocracy Demonic Principality of Iran and their dark vision of the Mahdi, pure madness from the pit of hell drives them in their evil Satan inspired goal of exterminating Israel.

The Jewish people of  'Never Again' understand this evil quite well and it's "game on" until there is only 1 victor remaining.

The problem here is that there are many major nations and their armies on both sides of this escalating conflict, so the message here is twofold;

Iran - prepare for more funerals !

World- prepare for WW III !

26 pro-regime fighters, mostly Iranians, killed in blast on Syria base

Watchdog says raids 'probably' carried out by Israel, but state-owned media says US and British forces launched attacks on Hama and Aleppo from Jordan.


After Syria strikes, security Israeli cabinet calls emergency meeting

Israel, Liberman said, “will prevent Iran from establishing a forward base in Syria at any cost.”

He added that Israel would stop at nothing to prevent Iran from using Syrian territory as a base to attack Israel.


Waffle House shooting victim sang 'Jesus Loves Me' as she was murdered


The New Age, The Invisible Denomination

@ 37 MIN. the ARMOR

hat tip Joanne 


Urging all politicians to recognize Islamophobia as "a hate crime and a form of racism" in their constitutions, Çavuşoğlu accused European judiciaries of applying a double standard by not paying as much attention to Islamophobia as they do to anti-Semitism.

lets outlaw Turkey !

Banning Islam would save the world from the always threatening, murderous religion of extreme hate and intolerance, never ending bloodshed, and global destruction.

Just look at Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somali, Afghanistan and Libya to see the fruit of evil Islam, what evil Islam has wrought.


May comes in with a vengeance on the heartland


Anonymous said...

Watching this carefully Marcel.

I agree. Lets outlaw Turkey and it's wanna be Mahdi leader.
Lets boycott Turkey for it's genocide of the Armenian Christians.
Turkey hopes to do the same thing to all Jews and Christians.
Let us pray for the Christians living / trapped inside Turkey under this demonized madman. It can't be easy for them.
I have not heard yet who did the missile attack on the Iran base in Syria. Only that Russia is saying the U.S. or Israel? Have you heard anything further?

The LORD'S+ Plan is being brought into place. ALL nations will be brought together in HIS+ foreordained plan.
May The LORD+ give us Guidance in ALL things in these end times.

Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

The evil Erdogan has imprisoned the Presbyterian pastor from North Carolina as a terrorist when it is he who is the terrorist.
Much silence from devious Trump and the evil US media on this.
The article mentioned the missiles were fired from a US base in Jordan.
Interesting how so soon after the new Secretary of Babylon State Pompeo visited Jordan (to get permission ?) that this attack on Iran in Syria happened.
I think Trump MAYBE sent a MAY DAY messy message to Iran of what is coming related to Obama's terrible nuclear deal with Iran.
It's only begun.
Thanks for your comment brother.
May the Lord wake up His many comatose, backslid saints before it's too late.