Wednesday, June 6, 2018

“There’s a Lot of Witchcraft Going On, I’ve Been Offered $1,000 for a Skull,”


“I have allowed the enemy to gain a foothold in each nation that has turned its’ back on Me.”

After much prayer over this word, the Lord has released me to make it known. As in all words, please take it to the Lord in prayer. Blessings.

My son, the king has seen the writing on the wall, and although he knows what it means, he will not do anything to cause the coming judgments to stop. This nation, just as other nations that refused to repent, will fall and be overtaken by the enemy I have raised up to bring My judgment. I have allowed the enemy to gain a foothold in each nation that has turned its’ back on Me.

England – Though you think of yourself as great, you are not. The enemy is in your walls, and great destruction is coming.

France – You call yourself a democracy and you are open-minded, but the enemy has forced himself into your land to bring about chaos and calamity.

Germany – You wretched land! You have been judged, and great bloodshed will be upon your land.

Australia – Once a jewel set in the ocean, you have now become an open sewer of all forms of decadence. This year I have lifted My hand, and you will feel cold like never before.
South America – Because of the false gods you worship, destruction has come upon you. Your kings only seek to rob and hoard the wealth from the nations. I have sent My fire to burn the nation’s of Venezuela and Brazil.
Africa – My beloved, though you have sought Me and worshipped Me, many in the land have taken opportunity to cause chaos. Your faith in Me has rocked the halls of Heaven. Continue in the faith and bring in more souls.
America – you were once a proud nation, sending My people to all parts of the world to bring about the message of salvation. But now you have allowed corrupt men to change laws and bring about your destruction. My houses are nothing but gathering places of fools. They no longer preach the gospel, but preach every abominable lie. My people are not prayer warriors, they are reprobates living lies, thinking they are holy. War is coming! REPENT! REPENT! REPENT!!!
My son, these nations have been weighed in the balances and found wanting. But the other nation that is defiled and corrupt that will soon feel My anger is Israel.
Israel – Because of your moral decadence and worship of other gods, I have brought My fury upon the land. I am bringing about the nations that surround the land to come against you with fury. Israel, Oh Israel, hear My voice calling you to repentance. Because you have not sought Me, blindness will be your curse and deafness your folly until the times are complete.
My son, hear Me now, I am speaking to My Remnant so they will know that I am soon coming through the door. My Remnant, those that I chose from the foundation of time are now ready to accomplish what I have chosen them for. Seek Me, My Remnant, and prayer as you have never done before, and I will reveal what is next for you. Pray for protection over your families and loved ones, for the enemy seeks to deter you from the mission I have for you. Seek Me with all you have; worship Me with all you have. I love you, My Remnant, My People, so very much. Amen.
Messiah Jesus


Evil America, given over to darkness and destruction

Grave robbers steal bones from Miami's historic cemeteries

“There’s a lot of witchcraft going on, and I’ve been offered $1,000 for a skull,”


An evil Jewish Rabbi Who Sounds Exactly Like a Hate Filled Muslim Terrorist

ANOTHER popular Orthodox rabbi demands our DEATH for sharing the gospel in Israel!


It's easy to spot the venomous snakes, the servants of haSatan.
Not a word from this foaming at the mouth demoniac about the death cult of Islam slaughtering, killing his fellow Jews daily.
All of his hell birthed hate is focused against the Jewish Messiah Yeshua and His followers.

That explains everything !!!!

Hell Awaits you, Rabbi of Satan unless you repent !


Joanne said...

And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. Rev 22:19

Anonymous said...

As you said Marcel, this rabbi of the satan is totally possessed.

Nothing has changed ! The cult of the Pharisees is up and running !
Except this time they can not hurt the Truth, but only threaten HIS+ Disciples.

It seems that The LORD GOD is going to have to chasten Israel and bring them into Repentance for their sin, both religious sins and secular sins.

I pray for those in Israel who are proclaiming that YESHUA is ha MASHIACH+ !
May The LORD+ confirm HIS+ Word from them with Signs following that Great Word. Amen.
The Peace of our LORD YESHUA be with you Marcel.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Samson,
It's awesome to see what Jesus is doing in Israel with this group of Israeli believers.
This angers Satan very, very much and you can see the rage and demonic anger with this evil rabbi.
Thanks for your comment brother.