Sunday, June 3, 2018

Explosion of the Fuego Volcano in Guatemala


Explosion of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala

Hawaii is still undergoing a serious hot lava change-over.
More on the way.
Guess where the next volcano is going to go active hot ?


 Guatemala volcano: Dozens die as Fuego volcano erupts

Fast-moving flows hit villages, killing people inside their homes. Hundreds were injured and many are missing. The country's main airport is closed.



Volcano lava river runs into Guatemala village, several killed

An ash covered woman said lava poured through corn fields and she feared more had died


Some People are Just Plain Evil Tamika Mallory

Women’s March Leader Slams U.S. Government For Providing Aid To Israel

While speaking at an event hosted by the progressive Center for Constitutional Rights, Mallory claimed that Israel’s founding in 1948 amounted to a “human rights crime.”


Britain says militant Islamist threat to stay high and may rise further

Just so you know who to thank for this.

The threat posed by Islamist militants to Britain is expected to remain high for the next two years and could even rise thanks to the hard work of your government in bringing in these radical extremists from the religion of terrorism, Islam.

The current threat level to Britain is assessed as severe, meaning an attack is highly likely.


Lebanese tourist referred to criminal trial for insulting Egypt on Facebook

A Lebanese tourist who posted a video on Facebook complaining of sexual harassment and conditions in Egypt has been referred to criminal trial and ordered to be detained for 15 days, Egypt's public prosecutor said on Sunday.

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