Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rosemary's Baby Became a Journalist

The amoral media lie to us about everything.
They've found it too easy to deceive, manipulate, and brainwash the masses and they're out of control.
Only sociopaths could call infanticide 'a womans right to choose' instead of bloody murder.
Interesting that when the pagans want to keep their unborn child they call it a baby bump instead of a fetus.

The destroyers of western civilization, media will always call those opposed to their extreme left world view as far right or extreme right, but when was the last time you heard them call themselves, extreme, far left, godless perverts, which they factually are  ?

I read another tragic story this morning at the guardian (an extreme left rag) about a couple who were fond dead at a beach in Portugal.
The liars fed us their twisted version, full of lies, and holes, to tell us they fell while taking a selfie.
No one was there at night to witness the fall and their phone just happened to be up there on the wall and not down on the ground with them.

But if you read another lying, sexual exploiting British tabloid, Daily Mail, the phone was found with the dead couple as daylight arose.

Briton and Australian found dead on Ericeira beach, in Portugal 

Officials suspected (but don't really know) the man and woman had been taking a selfie when they fell from the 30-metre high wall overlooking the beach.
“Since we found a mobile phone on the wall, everything suggests the victims might have been taking a selfie,” he was quoted as saying.
He suggested that perhaps they had been trying to recover a phone when they fell.

He suggested (Bovine Scatology) even thought the phone was found on the wall, not fallen down.

Here is the give away that reveals the truth.
The officials/media do not want us to know that this has become a popular suicide spot.

'Other tourists have been reported to have fallen off the beach wall.'

If they were both drunk on wine, 1 may have fallen over, 2 is suicide.
So lets say It was an intentional suicide, why would the lying media not tell us the truth ?

They are the gatekeepers, and they are evil, as they decide what the truth will be for us.


Here is the lying Daily Mail article. Beware of the smut that comes with this rag.

Why won't they show us the selfies ? Because they have tall tale to spin.

In a chilling twist, Mr Kearns shared a photo of a glass of red wine on the beach with the exact 30-metre wall he would fall from just 24 hours before his death.

"The lying British Daily Smut media lied , the guardian said the phone was found up on the wall"

A beach cleaner found two bodies in the sand beside a mobile phone early Tuesday morning.

The 33-year-old man and 37-year-old woman are believed to have fallen between 1am and 6am in Ericeira.

If they cared in the least about all the suicides they would put a high fence up on that wall, or a net to catch the hell-bound ones,  but that would damage touri$m and this is what is the most important for the immoral ones and their Rosemary's Baby journalists. 


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