Sunday, June 17, 2018

Stupid Israel Gives Hamas the Fuel and Helium to Burn Down Israel to the Ground

Just last week Israel celebrated one of the largest queer, sodomite marches possibly in the world.
So it should come as no surprise that fire is falling from the sky and burning much of Israel and it's food crops, and it's only gotten worse since Israel's queer day.
Now there are bombs falling from the heavens on Israel.
What is it going to take to wake up the wicked, perverse abominations of Israel ?

The party is over, you deviants of Sodom & Gomorrah.

Something the Israeli media will not tell you is that Israel supplies Hamas with what they are using to seriously damage Israel.  Food, gas, electricity, helium, all cross into Hamastan, Gaza from Israel.

You name it, Israel supplies the new Nazi's instead of defeating them.
Proving once and for all that godless socialism is stupidity.
Talk about Israel giving the enemy the rope to hang them with.

Think about how sick and immoral Israel is today. by the same immorality, they would be helping the Nazi's of Germany, feeding their children, because they were afraid of what the nations might think of the Jews if they cut off everything from the evil enemy and obliterated this evil scourge.

Instead of defeating Hamas, an immoral and sick Israel make sure they are able to seriously damage the nation, and kill fellow Jews because they fear man instead of fearing God.

...and the lame Israeli Government is afraid of starting a war so they are telling the people there to get used to it. The govt. said;

 'if we escalate, it might lead to war, and you poor fools living next to Gaza don't want to live in your bomb shelters do you'.

Talk about a pathetic, stupid, and useless government under lap dog Netanyahu.

Now that the Jews have an army, unlike how things were in Nazi Germany, they have been neutered from using their army to end the growing threat from the Islamic hordes of Gaza who openly call for Israel's extermination. STUPID !

When any nation serves idols and ignores God they do really stupid things.
In order to please his Washington pimp god, Israel's Poodle Minister Netanyahu makes sure Hamas and all of Gaza are well supplied and well fed with everything.

Instead of destroying Hamas and ending the threat from Gaza, cowardly Netananyahu spends his time bulldozing Jewish homes.

For 3rd time in a day, IDF conducts airstrikes over Gaza ‘fire balloons’


The Israeli Air Force attacked three targets connected to a group of Palestinians who had launched incendiary balloons into southern Israel on Sunday evening, in the third round of airstrikes of the day, the army said.
The army has struggled to find a way to stop Palestinians from flying fire kites and balloons into Israel, a tactic that has led to daily blazes in fields in southern Israel and raised fears of airborne IED attacks.


IN PICTURES: Flaming kites in the eyes of Gaza vicinity photographers 


By obeying and pleasing Washington instead of God, Israel is unable to act rationally, ergo stupid Israel, stuck on stupid.


Israel used to know how to defeat the enemy until the fake-peace process which is always used to restrain Israel and not the enemy !

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