Sunday, June 3, 2018

Israel Must Defeat Hamas in Gaza to Save the Children

Last week a 'Hamas Helper' got shot and killed at the border fence with Israel.
The world raged against Israel for the death of another wannabe, poisoned by Islam, Palestinian martyr/21 year old female Hamas terrorist/medic.

These same nations, the US, EU, UN, UNWRA all fund the terrorism breeding grounds of Gaza to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars yearly.
The blood of every dead Palestinian is on the heads of every one of these criminal enablers who know how Islamic terrorism in Gaza is making any real peace impossible and turn a blind eye and blame Israel instead of the guilty party, Hamas.

Israel has no hope of any real peace with the Palestinians when their evil parents teach their babies hate and murder from birth.
The degenerate leaders of France, the UK, Germany, and the rest of Europe are always blaming Israel when murderous, terrorism worshiping  Hamas is to blame for sending, creating, instigating, death and trouble on the Israeli border.
The sooner Israel removes Hamas from Gaza and the face of the earth the sooner there will be peace.  The removal of Hamas from Gaza forever is long overdue.

Any religion (Islam) which teaches children babies raw hate and murder should be outlawed from this earth.

Gaza Kindergarten: Kids Stage Mock Military Attack and Hostage Taking


Proud Evil parents film under-fives dressed as jihadi terrorists pretending to storm Jewish homes in bizarre end-of-year nursery show

The performance ends with the youngsters placing a sign which reads, in Arabic and Hebrew, "Israel has fallen" on the back of the supposedly dead Israeli soldier.


only Israel can save the children of Gaza from evil Islam

Save the Children: Gaza children on brink of mental health crisis

A generation of "Hamas" children in the besieged Gaza Strip are on the brink of a mental health crisis, a children rights group said.


Anonymous said...

I saw this filthy spectacle.
Hamas does need to be done away with.
They DO NOT want a "State", they want ALL of Israel.
This is islams goal, to wipe out all Jews and Christians.
Teaching this filthy hatred and lie to 5 year olds is TOO MUCH.
YES ! GET RID OF HAMAS. Save the children.

Bless you Marcel.
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Brother,
Good to hear from you.
Notice how all the reprobate western media brainwash the masses to cry for the Hamas terrorists and their helpers looking for terrorism and trouble against Israel at the border fence with Israel ?

Europe, ALL THE West and the USA all know the agenda of Hamas and yet continue the farce peace lie.
OBADIAH 1:15 God shall repay these evil nations for their deeds. he has already begun to repay them.