Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Pot Begins to Boil Over

If Israel had wiped Hamas off the face of the earth instead of listening to her American idol, Israel's many other enemies (like IRAN) would have received a much needed message of fear and deterrence.

Instead Israel chose the easy and stupid path of weakness and appeasement with those committed to their extermination, all to please her false god, the pimps of the Potomac.

Now "stupid" Israel face their most serious threat, the never ending terrorism from the Gaza that it has ever had because it failed to send the message of defeat, the only message Islam and it's armies understand.

Listening to President Bush's demand to retreat from Gaza for his fake-peace has proven catastrophic for Israel

IDF conducts second round of Gaza airstrikes after overnight fire 

 Israeli jets early on Sunday morning carried out a second round of airstrikes in a matter of hours in the Gaza Strip, the army said, after four projectiles were fired overnight at southern Israel by Palestinian terror groups in the coastal enclave, shattering an unofficial ceasefire agreement.


Amid peak tensions, army to launch multi-day exercise in south

The Israeli military announced it was launching a large exercise across southern Israel on Sunday, amid heightened tensions with the Gaza Strip.

The border tensions comes following a week that saw the worst escalation of violence between Israel and Hamas since the 2014 war in Gaza.
Palestinian terror groups on Wednesday and Thursday fired more than 100 rockets and mortars at towns and cities in southern Israel, and the IDF responded with dozens of airstrikes on Hamas military targets.


NATO chief: We won't aid Israel if Iran attacks

NATO's secretary-general said Saturday the alliance wouldn't come to Israel's defense in case of attack by arch enemy Iran.


How Did Israel Get So Stupid ?

Back in 1977 when I was on Kibbutz Erez I walked into Gaza to learn for myself, and with my own eyes to see what was going on compared to the media propaganda and big lies at that time. 

In those days Gaza was not an armed military fortress with a well trained Islamic terrorist Hamas and Islamic jihad army targeting Israel for extermination. 

That only came to pass after the US led fake peace agenda aimed to take Israel down. Back before the Oslo fake-peace plan to carve up and weaken Israel, Gaza only had tooth picks and stones.


Jordan protests snowball over IMF-backed austerity


Protests have gripped the country since Wednesday, when hundreds responding to a call by trade unions, flooded the streets of Amman and other cities to demand the fall of the government.


China Says All Trade Progress Is Off If U.S. Imposes Tariffs

All commitments made so far in talks with the U.S. over trade will be withdrawn if President Donald Trump carries out his threat to impose tariffs, China said Sunday.


 The Bankruptcy of 21st Century Socialism

The appropriateness of the metaphor regarding the Cuba Air crash outside Havana: like the Cuban economy, the plane was old, poorly maintained, leased by the national airline because it was the only one it could afford, and the rest of Cubana de AviaciĆ³n’s domestic fleet had already been grounded.


Iraq on brink of water crisis as neighboring countries decrease water supply

The effects of the Turkish dam filling were noticed on Friday with a significant reduction of water levels in the Tigris River in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, Mosul, and in the marshlands of southern Iraq, raising fears of drought which would affect the country’s livestock and agriculture.



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