Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The Cesspool of Wickedness and Darkness in Geneva Switzerland

The UN is the world headquarters for Satan and his minions.
Islam and it's terrorism are always given a pass, always protected.
It is never held to account for it's violence, intolerance, hate, evil and global terrorism.
....but Israel is always targeted for destruction by these follower of the Father of lies.

That is because allah is Satan.

The UNHRC is the gathering place for the enemies of God, a place where the smell of sulfur wafts in the air.

In case you missed it, below is the best video on a brave Palestinian Musab speaking truth to lies at the Cesspool  in Geneva.

Look at the faces of the evil ones who are in shock that truth is being spoken in such a dark and evil place.

Satan's party of hell on earth

US leaving UN Human Rights Council -- 'a cesspool of political bias'


The world's most inhumane regimes continue to escape its scrutiny, and the council continues politicizing scapegoating of countries with positive human rights records in an attempt to distract from the abusers in its ranks."

Based in Geneva, the Human Rights Council is a body of 47 vile, anti-freedom, authoritarian. godless, member states within the United Nations tasked with upholding destroying whatever human rights are left on planet earth for their master Satan.


Shocked U.N. Delegates Reprobates as PLO Abuses Exposed by Palestinian Hero


Anonymous said...

I am still amazed that this brave man was able to get in to speak Truth to this pack of lying snakes.
I pray for this mans protection.
I am certain he knows the workings of Hamas & Hezbollah, and knows what they do to those who speak out against them.
I can readily see the day when ALL natiuns will gather against Jerusalem and Israel. The LORD GOD, YHWH ELOHIM gathers the nations for Slaughter. Amen..
Samson7able <(((><

Marcel Cousineau said...

I can readily see the day when ALL natiuns will gather against Jerusalem and Israel.

Yes, we can already see the mad, evil nations rage against Israel defending themselves from Islamic terrorist who openly call for Israel's extermination.

I look forward to Jesus delivering His long overdue justice upon such vile hypocrites and given over to damnnation countries.

And in that day I will [a]set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
Zechariah 12:9

These proud fools are so blind they do not realize they have sealed their own final doom.
Thanks for your comment brother have a blessed day.