Friday, June 17, 2016

The Ongoing EgyptAir Cover-up

They can't seem to get their story straight and continue to draw out this latest cover up.
If you've been following this you know the ongoing cover up and lies.


It's all a Hollywood production now !

What is happening is that they have gotten away with lying to us so many times that it has become their go-to policy in order to advance their agenda. They are covering up their gross failure at the Paris airport and the Airline industry along with severely damage tourism to Egypt.
Obama has been working very hard on his devious agenda by steering the easily brainwashed, stupid people away from Islam in the latest Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando.
Obama's story is that a gun entered the club and killed all those people.

Islam's murderous hate is removed from Obama's rewrite and everything else unimaginable is blamed including we infidels.

Here is what I wrote last month on evidence that came out early which they (especially ABC) have covered up and buried deep.

It's All a Rigged Game


This is the latest confusion/ babel, lying news, two different stories

Investigators have said it is too early to rule out any causes for the crash, including terrorism.

EgyptAir Black Boxes Badly Damaged, Likely to Prolong Probe

The voice and data recorders from the EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean nearly a month ago are "extensively damaged" and will need repairs before they can be analyzed, an Egyptian official said Friday, dampening hopes for quick answers as to what caused the disaster.


EgyptAir crash: Second flight recorder recovered

Earlier on Friday, an unnamed official in the investigation committee told AP news agency that the voice recorder's data was already being analysed by experts, including representatives of France's air safety agency and the plane's manufacturer, Airbus.
Egypt's civil aviation minister has said a terrorist attack is more likely than a technical failure.


The answer to Trump ? We insane nuts need a big war before the elections.

Putin is sending a message to UK and US,  outfoxing Obama in Syria.

Russian warplanes bomb elite British backed Syrian rebels

How will Obama respond ?
If the US tries to take out Assad, time to find a deep bunker because that is a red line for Putin and he will act with angry bear force.

Putin targets US trained, funded armed, supplied Islamic terrorists in Syria

Meanwhile the insane nuts at Satanist Department in Washington want Obama to start WW III

More than 50 State Department diplomats signed the memo, which was critical of U.S. policy in Syria and called for military strikes against the government of President Bashar al-Assad.


Burning hot in the southwest this weekend


doublenickel said...

Everyone knows that a terrorist bomb took out that plane. Occam's Razor. If it were a mechanical failure, just think of all the planes that would be grounded. Besides, ya think there might be some Islamic extremist activity in Egypt? Nah.

Marcel Cousineau said...

The flight originated in the terrorist hub of Paris where it is a fact that close to a hundred IS Islamic terrorist supporters are working. Just like the US, these dangerous Nazi's are allowed to roam free.

Also, I think we are in the minority when it comes to knowing the truth.
The masses don't want to hear the truth, they would rather be lied to and brainwashed BY THE Goebbels Media Propaganda Network.

Pathological liar Obama elected twice is a prime example of this.