Friday, June 10, 2016

France: Better For Jews to Do Nothing and Go Quietly to Gas Chambers

update: France Trashed

It would be wise for the French to take care of their open sewer problems at home before they stick their nose in Israel's sovereign business.

France: Israel's ban on Palestinians could escalate violence

Translation - France: Israeli's who are still breathing escalate violence

"The decision by the Israeli authorities today to revoke tens of thousands of entry permits could stoke tensions which could lead to a risk of escalation," Ayrault told a small group of reporters. "We must be careful about anything that could stoke tensions."

Jews not in the horizontal position, those still living and breathing stoke tensions, and so we recommend that Jews once again go quietly to their extermination.

We call for restraint from Israel only, the Muslim terrorists we demand nothing from them, only for them to know that we are jizya paying French dhimmi's who work hard to sell out the Jews to you daily. Please don't blow up our Euro 2016 Football, please.

This tying of Israel's hands by us will please our dear murderous, death cult Muslims whom we are so fond of, especially the Palestinians, as are the rest of the world.

Once we have re-educated the Jews to the dangers of self defense, and instead, to surrender to Islam for their peace, only then shall we have the real peace that we all long for.

As you know, we never call on the religion of Islam to end their hate and intolerance toward Israel. It is much easier for us to blame Israel and the Jews for everything, especially when we are too cowardly to do the right thing.

Gathering of Euro Trash & Crack Pots

Is it any wonder why France is overrun with Islamic terrorists who will most likely work hard to ruin their EuroTrash 2016 Football

EuroTrash 2016: England fans in fresh clashes with police

Lots of Trash Everywhere!


Anonymous said...

What on earth do they expect Israel to do??

These western "leaders" seem to be endlessly placating the bloodthirsty islamic butchers while endlessly condemning Israel for existing.

It seems obvious to me that there is an agreement to condemn Israel just for existing.

I am watching carefully for these nations to be "Cut in pieces." This includes Lying Babylon.

Why do the nations rage and the people imagine a VAIN thing?? HE+ that sits in the Heavens shall Laugh at their foolishness! Amen.

Marcel Cousineau said...

It's always been the same since Egypt and the Pharaoh used the Jews for cheap labor/slaves.

Again the most evil world uses Israel as their easy 'go to' scapegoat so they don't have to deal with the evil that is endemic in Islam.
Only now France, Europe, the world have invited Islam in to their homes to blow them up and cut them up into little pieces.

It's a sick, twisted, wicked perverted world indeed.
So thankful and rejoicing that Jesus, only Jesus will clean up this mess...

.... Trump doesn't have a prayer.