Monday, June 13, 2016

U.S. Build Up to Confrontation With Russia Continues in Mediterranean Sea

Second U.S. aircraft carrier enters Mediterranean: U.S. Navy

It getting crowded with Russian, American and NATO ships and submarines in the Mediterranean, all of them doing military exercises, war games.
It would not be too hard for an unintended 'accident' to happen with this growing traffic jam of friendly and unfriendly ships in this narrow sea.

U.S. officials say Russia is operating warships and submarines in the Mediterranean and plans its own military exercises in coming weeks.

This could easily turn into a battle for military supremacy in the Med. especially if Obama is going to try and oust Syria's Assad.
Russia won't let that happen.
They have promised to respond to the U.S. sending the USS Porter into the Black Sea last week.
Haven't responded yet, but Putin ain't messing around. Obama ?
This could get interesting.

Showdown Coming ?
Does Obama want war with Russia ?

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