Thursday, June 9, 2016


In Hamas Occupied Gaza (HOG) they are all celebrating their murderous attack on infidel, civilian non-combatants while they were dining in an upscale mall restaurant in Tel Aviv.

What I don't understand is why the pathetic lap dog Netanyahu is giving 'goodwill gestures' to any Palestinians instead of terrorizing and erasing Hamas, making life so unbearable in Gaza that they flee or die in their self imposed, cursed misery?

Why are Hamas allowed to live so comfortably and only their empty training camps being targeted under the poodle Netanyahu's fluffy rule ?

Benji the poodle has been given more than one opportunity to defeat, END Hamas and he has failed.
The first time, Witch Hillary flew in on her broom to rescue Hamas and poodle rolled over immediately. The next time Kerry flew in to rescue Hamas and poodle did the same again on command.

What a loser!

Isn't it long overdue for the Palestinians to deliver something other than incitement and murder ?
Why hasn't Hamas leader Haniyeh and all his top level commanders and low level fighters been relegate to their 72 whores in hell long ago?

This limited, soft action by Israel is a joke, it's nothing, useless, and does not send the right message to the Palestinians.
It's the same old timid, defeatist approach of a people gone soft, a neutered, restrained people who again choose to board the cattle cars with just a little, limited, timid fight.

I remember the old days when Israel understood the necessity of deterrence and defeat.
There is no deterrence or defeating the enemy anymore because everyone knows the poodle Israel always rolls over to please his masters if they ever think to do anything of any real substance.

That is what this is - Israel's little, meaningless fight, in order not to upset the Fourth Reich Quartet, the,US, EU, and UN, the Gang of Four.

We will put up just a little fight so that the goyim do not get too angry with us as we are slaughtered by the new Nazi's

If the whole village of Yatta were razed to the ground and everyone there driven out, that would be the start of the right message to the followers of the false prophet of the murders.
The nations of the world that always bully Israel would come to understand that their game was over.

They would come to understand that Israel was no longer putting up with any of these attacks anywhere, at any time, and would now act in a major, serious way towards all Palestinian violence directed against Israel.

Why is Israel even willing to talk peace with those at war against them before defeating them first ?

Instead of the empty words of empty suit Israeli politician's who are always too cowardly and fearful of upsetting their pimps in Washington to do anything serious that would teach the Palestinians the extremely painful cost of their futile jihad.

And then it would be on to Gaza to teach Hamas and all their supporters to swim.... nonstop.

Then the world would know that Israel finally, really means business and no longer wanted to be the patsy and pushover nation with the 'KICK ME' sign on it's back.

After deadly Tel Aviv attack, Israel suspends Palestinian permits

The Israeli military on Thursday revoked permits for 83,000 Palestinians to visit Israel and said it would send hundreds more troops to the ISLAMIC occupied West Bank after a Palestinian gun attack that killed four Israelis in Tel Aviv.

There is only one country in the world where Satan's Media use the diabolical term "occupied".
They never call America;

Occupied lands of the Native American's

No other lands on this planet are called occupied like the world media with their government's collusion treacherously do against Israel.

It's ALWAYS only tiny, microscopic Israel that is singled out for their evil agenda of dismemberment by phony peace.

This is the price of Israel's stupidity in not annexing Judea and Samaria and driving out the Islamic occupiers.
Israel is paying a heavy price for their disobedience to the Only One who truly matters.

Our Washington pimps have tied our hands, we can't do too much

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