Sunday, June 12, 2016


Just heard the President's speech.
Not 1 mention of Islamic terrorism, not one.
You know how he's bashed Christians for ABSOLUTELY nothing, but here the defender of Islamic terrorism is at his best, keeping the religion of hate far from any scrutiny.
That should tell you everything you need to know about President Jihad and where this latest failed FBI (give another pass to bad Muslims) agenda is going.


I'm posting this because I know how the US Government Propaganda Media works

courtesy- Gateway Pundit

The corrupted ones are more interested in covering up their failures than they are about fixing them.

Will the FBI admit they had him on their sleeper list but once again failed us ?
If they say they didn't, Why not ?

Will the worthless Republicans end Obama's flooding of America with poorly vetted Muslim refugees from the land of ISIS?

Not a chance!

Will they continue to let these well trained Muslim terrorist into the US and to roam free and only move in after they attack?

Of course, and they will $upport them and help to establish them to do what they always do.

Look how the media are already steering us away from 'Islamic terrorist' to 'homophobic'?

'He got angry when he saw two men kissing': Father of New York-born shooter Omar Mateen, 29, says son responsible for worst mass shooting in US history was homophobic

'This has nothing to do with religion,' he said. 'We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident. We weren't aware of any action he is taking. We are in shock like the whole country.'

You have to admit, the followers of the false prophet Mohammed ARE good liars.You want to believe him, don't you ?

This had everything to do with the religion which way, way too many are afraid to identify for cowardly, sick, twisted, perverse reasons.

They would have defended the Nazi's just as hard as they continue to defend the defenseless religion of death.

No, He was a MUSLIM TERRORIST doing his Ramadan jihad for Islamic State!

Be warned, the Ramadan month is still young and we are served by and incompetent, corrupt and criminal system which continues to flood this nation with Islamic terrorists, and one that lies just as well as the taqiyya followers of the false prophet.

The truth ? Not here, you're in the wrong place

Something evil this way goes 

Imagine for a moment if this were a so called Christian who gunned down fifty+ homosexuals, the non stop media rage and pouring salt into the wound, as they bashed Christians like they always do.
Imagine the public rage and hatred against the shooter and all Christians and calls for immediate action against the religion that did this evil act.
Imaging the physical attacks against innocent Christians we would be hearing about, the burning down of churches across the country, etc.

Instead all we have is silence and excuses, cover ups of the religion of all terrorism, Islam.
'Why are non violent Christians treated so badly while evil, violent, hate inspired Islam is treated so respectfully ?'

The homosexual community does not have the vitriol and hate towards the religion of hate, mass murder and terrorism as they do towards Christians, that's for sure.

Lessons from the Orlando and San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this!
The lousy-lying non government is culpable in this! The liar in the white house, and his handlers with open borders and no vetting of so-called "immigrants"are responsible for this.
I have no suitable words right now. May The LORD GOD protect HIS+ Children from these government allowed incidents.

Marcel Cousineau said...

God sure gave this filthy, perverted nation what it deserves and he's in the White House knowing he can get away with murder and no one will do or say anything.

That is the hand of God, His judgment.
A wicked pervert to lead a wicked perverted nation to the gates of hell.
Psalm 9:17
We've got what we deserve, that is this nation.
I'd love to leave.

Ezekiel 9