Monday, June 13, 2016

FBI Director Comey and Obama Lied Again

The Big Lie, and they keep lying and lying

FBI Director James Comey on Monday echoed President Obama's statement that the Orlando shooting was not a plot directed from outside the United States.

It's called 'The Ramadan Plot' you clueless fools!

Orlando shooting follows ISIS call for U.S. Ramadan attacks

Something Obama and FBI's Comey haven't figures out yet is that the Muslim terrorist bought the weapons after ISIS called for Ramadan attacks.
We have got the dumbest people in charge, ever!!!!

He bought four guns in Florida in just the last few days at a gun store, including an assault-like rifle.

We heard the call from ISIS using their media arm (that Obama and company will not shut down) to all Muslims to attack the US during the Muslim month of Ramadan.
We've got the whole month to go and they and the media are covering this up.

The Muslim terrorists here in the U.S. are following commands from Islamic State using the social media that for some reason the U.S. Government keeps open for them to use.

Why has it become so easy for them to lie to us and get away with it ?

Do you notice how they are leaving this very important fact out as well as revealing to all of us their complete incompetence in failing to arrest the Orlando terrorist after so many red flags, instead giving him a pass.

Criminal negligence with no accountability, Obama's new America.

They have failed us too often, especially now by their failure to round up and incarcerate all the other Muslim terrorists roaming freely across America that are a growing and serious threat.

Twenty-four hours after the Muslim terrorist pledged allegiance to ISIS, Jihad Hussein Obama and many other professional, clueless idiots said they did not yet know the motivation of the Muslim terrorist. This is beyond stupid.
These people, by their 'beyond stupidity' are enablers of the Muslim terrorists

Waiting for the next Ramadan Islamic terrorist attack here in America due to the criminal incompetence, deceptive spin, protecting the religion of all terrorism, Islam, coming from Washington.


Stupid Obama, Stupid FBI ?

I think it's worse than stupidity on their part, evil, intentional deception, dumbing down and brainwashing of the public is what I see going on.

In an address from the White House, Obama called the tragedy an act of terror and hate. He did not talk about religious extremists. He said the FBI would investigate the shootings in the gay nightclub as terrorism, but added the gunman's motivations were unclear.

The motive of the MUSLIM is only unclear to those whom you and your media prostitutes and whores have successfully brainwashed, Jihad Hussein Obama.
Your propaganda, lies, taqiyya, muhajirun,  jihad war is out of gas for many of us. 


Anonymous said...

Deceiving the people is what I see happening also.

These men know what is going on and they refuse to shut these butchers down. It is OBVIOUS to everyone that Mr.O is a muslim sympathizer and is covering for that murdering group.
They could stop them if they wanted to. THEY DON'T WANT TO!!

Marcel Cousineau said...

'It is OBVIOUS to everyone....'

Those who seek the truth know, but those who love to eat up lies are really deceived by the witch Hillary and the evil one Obama and their co workers.
Those killed in Orlando really never imagined it was going to be their last dance that night.
They were living in a delusion of party, good times, no time for God, etc.

There is much darkness and delusion swallowing up and destroying the majority in these days of judgment.

Naive sheep being led to slaughter.