Saturday, June 11, 2016

There's an Islamic Terrorist in the White House Doing Crafty Jihad

Have you noticed how America's Pravda Media are covering up for their Jihad Hussein Obama ?

Too many of the Somali refugees resettled here in the US have turned into devout Muslims and become well trained Islamic terrorists and joined up to fight bloody, murderous jihad.
Obama knows all this.

The FBI is already overstretched doing surveillance on hundreds of IS supporters.

FBI Tracking Nearly 800 ISIS-Related Cases Across US

Jihad Hussein Obama knows all this and continues to do the worst of crimes against Americans while the Republicans keep smelling their armpits and do nothing.
We are definitely going to see bombing in our cities thanks to Jihad H. Obama and the useless Republicans.
IS everybody afraid to say it when it's going on right under our nose?

Obama Administration Surge Agenda Threatening U.S. With 100 Syrian Refugees Per Day

The Obama administration has created a “resettlement surge center” which has produced a pouring of 100 Syrian refugees in the U.S. per day.
The very real risk to Americans – the lack of proper vetting of these individuals by the quick processing that is being done, almost all of them reported to be Muslims.

Just doin my part for the ummah, bringing in the Muhajirun to infidel America

When we start getting bombing in our cities like this and the criminal media are no longer able to cover up Jihad Obama's high crimes it will be too late to turn back the clock.

U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said Washington condemned the attack in the strongest terms. "This terrorist act demonstrates once again the inhumanity and brutality of all that Daesh does and all it stands for, so we will import thousands of these Muslims into our country because this is what we Washington criminals also stand for", he said.

This is what a doomed nation under God's judgment looks like.


So soon after proud France stuck their nose in Israel's sovereign affairs;

France is Trashed

It would be wise for the French to take care of their own open sewers and garbage back home and butt out of Israel's business.

That also goes for the rest of the world!

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