Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lessons From the Orlando and San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks

Official Washington policy, FBI, DHS, TSA etc. from the top (Obama) down towards ISLAMIC terrorists is to;

See Something, Say Nothing

This interview with Phil Hamey is an eye opener and a much needed education about what is going on in our evil government from a DHS insider.
That is why the concerned citizen who called the FBI about Omar Mateen's open threats was wasting his time

The Obama, FBI, DHS, TSA FAILURES which they sweep under their dirty rug

1.The Obama FBI are afraid of hurting the feelings of dangerous Muslims, less concerned about our safety or national security.

2.The FBI and all government agencies are too soft on dangerous Muslims who openly and boastfully threaten others.

If it were you or I, we would have been arrested, and the second time really hit hard by the might of the Feds.
Instead, the failed FBI gave him another pass, most likely to keep the terrorist in the White House off their backs.
They have innocent blood on their hands because of their incompetence and go soft approach towards Muslims, whom they are afraid of hurting their feelings, less concerned about our safety or national security.(I needed to say that twice)

3.They gave Omar Mateen a pass not once but twice.

It's easy to get weapons in America
if you are a Muslim terrorist

But if you are an American military veteran
Watch Out, they're out to get you!

Maybe even three times he was interviewed by the FBI and given an all clear, a pass.

4.That is because it is Obama policy to treat his co-religionists from the religion of hate with kid gloves.

That is how Syed Farook's mail order Muslim terrorist wife Tashfeen Malik got through TSA security with less scrutiny than the average American non-Muslim receives.

5.The FBI's easy pass for dangerous, red flag Muslims means he was taken off the list of nearly 1,000 Muslim ISIS supporters and other known Muslim terrorists they won't arrest but allow to roam freely across this nation. That is traitorous dereliction of duty.

6. Both ISLAMIC terrorist attacks were avoidable if the FBI did their jobs properly and were not pushing Obama's Destroy America Policy, open borders, felony criminal release, Muslim invasion agenda.

7. When it comes to showing up after an Islamic terrorist attack, after the blood has been spilled, the FBI put on a good show, real professional, but catching the Muslim terrorists before, not so good.

So the question I have for the FBI is how many other Islamic terrorists like Omar Mateen have you easy passed, softly and carelessly interviewed and removed from your list ?

I hear often of how the broken, corrupt, no accountability government takes away guns from good military veterans under bully, bogus, trumped up reasons and yet this Muslim who made enough threats to get a couple of FBI interviews was allowed to have a gun permit in the state of Florida.

It just shows you how screwed up this corrupt Obama's twisted, terrorist friendly system is that gives preferential, easy pass to Muslim terrorists and abuses military veterans in an evil way.

Sadly, the FBI,DHS,TSA are too arrogant to admit their failures so we shall see more of these MUSLIM TERRORIST ATTACKS here in America.

It certainly shows, again, the reluctance of them to actually say the words “Islamic extremism” or “Islamic terrorism”. Of course most Islamic citizens and visitors to America are not violent, but there clearly is a problem here.
Senator Sessions on the EASY PASS FBI

Senator, you of all people should know by now.

The FBI and Obama thugs don't want to hurt the feelings of the barbaric, bloodthirsty, inhumane killers who do what the Koran teaches them to do to infidels like us.
That IS their primary mission, everything else is secondary.

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