Monday, May 23, 2016

It's All a Rigged Game

The World is their play stage

...And the game is rigged against Israel with the globalists, Quartet, fakepeace agenda, meeting in Paris June 3rd,  their Satanic driven plan for another radical Islamic state in the heartland of tiny Israel. 
God is going to turn their world into a living hell for this evil!

If we had a media that was even close to reporting facts, this *below would be the more truthful headline.
(You have to ask yourself, because the worthless, lying media is not asking this very important question for good reason)

Why aren't Muslim countries taking in any of their fellow Muslim refugees, especially the wealthy pigs like Qatar, the Saudi's, the Emirates who are funding this Sunni versus Shiite Islamic war in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen ?

(here's some old news they're not reporting anymore, most likely all media told to 'drop it' or paid off to drop it ?)

But no Syrian refugees have been resettled in Persian Gulf nations like Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, countries with significant financial and political interest in Syria.

We have NATO member and extremist, radical Islamic led Turkey which got a pass for supporting and enabling Islamic State, feeding them many, many thousands of new jihadist recruits from around the globe across their very open border with Syria for years.

It makes you wonder why Obama and company never shut down ISIS jihadist web sites and other recruiting tools?

*Turkeys Radical Islamist Leader Calls on Infidel Europe to take in More Muslims

The other major lie and on going cover up is the media push for 'mechanical failure' as the cause for the Islamic terrorist attack on Egypt Air 804.
It's easy if you can still think for yourself to see through their intentional, manufactured big lie.
They would have immediately grounded all Air Bus A320's if they really believed it was mechanical failure.
The truth is, the corrupt, lying media find it much easier by the day to lie to a mind numbed, low attention span audience.

If a bomb Brought Down EgyptAir 804 ?

We already know it was a bomb but we are so used to lying to the masses and manipulating the news to fit our globalist agenda that we can't help ourselves..
We are pompous control freaks and really enjoy our power over you little people.

The US media (ABC) are covering up this news from late Saturday of an on board explosion, below, and still pushing the lie of mechanical failure on Monday because they are beyond corrupt.

EgyptAir crash: Flight data points to 'internal explosion' on plane once daubed with graffiti saying 'We will bring this plane down'

We are being fed what the corrupt globalist oligarchy fascists want to feed us and it's for their evil agenda.

Why would they cover up a bomb bringing down Egypt Air and lie to us ?

I call this gang of evil overlords; The Fourth Globalist Reich.
It's a replay of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, and it's all bad, the worst.

Another good example of this 'rigged game news' is the news today that Jihad Hussein Obama has lifted the arms embargo against Vietnam which is sure to increase tensions with China.

They had this planned a long time ago and this was just a staged show for the little people, a formality for the great deceiver, destroyer and pathological liar Obama and his media whores.

I wrote about their war machine meeting in Vietnam almost two weeks ago;

Secretly, Quietly, Vietnam hosts gathering of U.S. Military Industrial Complex to buy weapons of war

My final example of a perverted, globalist media whose job is not to report the news but to cover up and lie without shame, and lead the sheep in their dark Orwellian direction.

They will not tell us who the terrorists are, ever.
Who are these terrorists in their phony war on terror ?
What do the terrorists openly call themselves ?
Why won't the globalist controlled government media's identify them ?
Why are they protecting, covering up their MUSLIM identity and why are they allowing a radical Islamic leader of Turkey to flood Europe with Muslims and at the same time assist ISIS, Islamic State while making a pretense of fighting them ?

Record 499 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US So Far in May Includes No Christians

We are constantly being lied to as to the nature of their darling, bloodthirsty, death religion and most of the dumb sheep easily buy into it because they have become very tolerant of evil.

If you are naive enough to believe this controlled, lying media, God has a word for you, it's not forgiving of gullible fools who put their trust in corrupt perverts to feed and lead them.

Thus says the Lord, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind
And makes flesh his strength,
And whose heart turns away from the Lord
Jeremiah 17:5

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