Monday, May 23, 2016


We hear a lot of propaganda from the bought and paid for lying media perverts and corrupt governments (who have sold out to big money Saudi/ Muslim bribes) against people who legitimately, sanely and reasonably are negative towards Islam's ugly fruit - Islamophobia.

But why do we never hear about the perverse wickedness of loving something so bloodthirsty, so vile, so evil ?

"It's the false message of Islam that has destroyed so many hundreds of billions of souls that is hated. It's not the people who have been deceived into following the biggest lie."

Is there a cure for the severe mental disorder of Islamophilia ?

This below is just from today with little effort on my part

not counting the Muslim bombing of Egypt Air, the media are covering up.
not counting Myanmar's distrust of Muslims and their dominate the world agenda.
and not counting so many other daily Islamic atrocities across the world we never hear about.
and then there is the now barbaric UK's problem with FGM that they can't seem to control.

Sick, twisted British Muslim convert jailed over plan to take children to Isis in Syria

Turkey only sending 'sick and ill-educated' Syrians mentally derranged Muslims and stealth jihadists to Europe in migrant swap deal

Will the third battle of Fallujah drain or deepen the swamp of Islamic terror?

Muslim Bomb attacks in Muslim Syria's Assad regime heartland kill 148

Inside Cizre: Where Muslim Turkish forces stand accused of Muslim Kurdish killings

Iranian women evade Islamic religion control freaks

Muslims Fleeing for their lives from fellow Muslims in Libya

Muslims continue to genocide each other in Yemen

Sudan's genocidal war criminal, President Omar al Bashir lets UN know who is the boss

Indian women held in Gulf prisons need help, says Andhra Pradesh minister

Elsheikh’s father said the UK had not taken the threat of ISLAM radicalisation seriously enough

Myanmar's Muslim Troubles

all of these are just from today, Monday May 23rd

Those who are silent, give a wink and a nod to this evil religion from hell are as evil as they are.

Islamophilia is a crime against humanity!

The Cure for Islamophilia

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