Thursday, May 19, 2016

Paying the Price for Dividing Jerusalem

There is now a push by the forces of darkness (Satan) to advance the extermination of Israel using the false peace process also know as the 2 state final solution by France, Egypt, the Quartet, (aka Four Reich's) with the U.S. in the drivers seat.

Sadly most of Israel, even after retreating from Gaza for the peace, and Gaza's subsequent Islamic radicalization, (thanks to President Bush) are still under the delusion of peace being possible with Islam.
It is impossible for the lie of Islam and the truth, Israel, to live side by side in peace.
One shall disappear and it is not Israel that will fade away.

I expect to see very bad things falling on the US very soon, something like a major, long overdue earthquake and many other major destructive events.

God has an extremely serious warning to any and all in our day who assume to divide Israel and Jerusalem, it's eternal capitol.
These blind fools on a fools errand, France's Hollande, America's Kerry and Egypt's Sisi are bringing great destruction on themselves and their countries.
We shall see more pain and suffering for all the nations which meddle with Israel using deception and false peace to hurt the people of Israel and reward evil Islam.

Arab Muslims do not need a 22nd country they need to flee the false religion of the false prophet while they can!

"And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces"
Zechariah 12:3

This warning from God infers many, many pieces to the many meddlers, and He is no longer restrained, but acting on His warning against the deaf, stupid, blind, fool nations.
That Egypt Air Airbus (an otherwise very dependable plane) is now in many pieces, most likely caused by a bomb from the religion of pieces, Islam.

EgyptAir flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo crashed

One weak point identified in recent years has been the large number of flight-side workers who come from high-immigrant areas of the Paris suburbs. Last year there was a security review of the 86,000 workers with authorisation to go flight-side. More than 60 had their authorisation withdrawn because of fears of Islamic radicalisation.

If our incompetence and lax security at Charles de Gaulle, where one of our own French Muslim terrorist cell employed by us working there are found responsible and this comes to the light, it will make us look stupid, although we are already very, very stupid.

We have a serious problem with Islam, and it's use of terrorism on innocent people in France.
We know of no other religion that does evil things like this on a regular basis in the name of their strange god, allah.

But we are fearful cowards, and it is much easier to blame the Jews and Israel instead of Islam.

We are very devious, lying politicians and must continue to lie and portray Islam as a normal religion for the cause of global unity while Muslim terrorists from the religion of death destroy everything on the globe.

For this reason we must sacrifice the Jews and Israel to the evil god of Islam and we shall do this using our false peace agenda.

France sets Middle East peace conference for June 3

French President François Hollande said on Tuesday an international conference planned for late May in Paris to relaunch peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis had been postponed until the summer.

So this diabolical French dirt-bag has postponed the 'Betray the Jews and Israel to Islam's terrorism' conference for just 3 days ???

Egypt's Sisi lends backing to Israel-Palestinian peace efforts

Egyptians furious over Israel's 'political bazaar' at 'expense of the peace process'

"Egypt and the rest of the world must butt out of Israel's internal affairs"

Kerry welcomes efforts to revive Palestinian-Israeli peace talks

He will attend the international conference of gangsters in Paris on June 3rd.
I shall be looking to see how God will respond to their latest attempt to divide Israel under their evil agenda !

Air Force B-52 crashes in Guam


Anonymous said...

Absolutely AMEN! I am watching to see what The LORD GOD will do to this Evil nation and to all who plot to destroy Israel and give Jerusalem to the satanic islamists.

May The LORD Glorify HIS+ Name.

Anonymous said...

Brother Marcel,
You are doing good work here. Your statement about some disaster befalling the US got me thinking about a program I heard last night about the earthquake clusters- which occur before an eruption- happening now and simultaneously at Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, and Mt. St. Helens.
This scientist, I wish I had wrote down his name, said that fault lines and seismic zones GLOBALLY are becoming stressed and unstable almost "as if the crust is being eroded by the magma beneath". He predicted volcanoes and earthquakes, and tsunamis unlike anything we've ever seen.
Sounds like something i might have read in the Bible!

Keep up the good work brother!
your brother in Christ,

Marcel Cousineau said...

Since God is just we are going to get clobbered real hard, real hard.
...and Trump is an illusion for the idol chasers.

Thanks bondo,
I appreciate that and thanks for passing on the info in these stress and earth fracture times !

With the quakes and earth's crust breaking things into pieces, I wonder if the inhabitants of the earth will put two and two together and realize like the Texas saying;
DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS, will they will realize that messing with dividing Jerusalem is a wholly fatal errand.
No, it looks like the majority will enter like dead men walking into the tribulation.

Hopefully we can awaken a few with the LORD's help.
It's an incredible time to be living in.