Thursday, May 26, 2016

US to Israel: You Must Submit to our Will

... or else we have many ways to make you submit.

The message from the bullies of Washington who gave Israel Hamastan, Gaza, with their failed and extremely dangerous agenda, and think that they are Israel's God, is clear.

US: Lieberman appointment raises 'legitimate questions' about Israeli policy

We are not at all concerned with 'legitimate questions' on extremist Islam's open and clear agenda to exterminate Israel as we've show you with our recent embrace of Iran's values.

Our continual blind eye to the growing Army of Islam threat that now surrounds you, thanks to our successful efforts in restraining and weakening you, using our peace initiative for cover, has been most brilliant.

You fell for it !

This most deceptive and greatest subterfuge operation of the twenty first century is our latest and most clever and classic, American betrayal of friends.
You Jews should know better so soon after the Holocaust when everyone, including US, turned their backs on you in your time of greatest need.

We are completely focused on dismembering Israel by our crafty plan as we succeeded to do by forcing P.M Sharon to retreat from Gaza in exchange for rockets of Islam's peace on Israel's cities and easily restraining you from defeating Hamas and Hezbollah.

You weak Jewish leaders lap dogs roll over so easily and so quickly !

We thought by now that you Jews would have ended our peace farce, but we find you willing to continue in your own destruction.

As our continuous propping up and funding of the Palestinian Terrorist Authority no matter how evil their actions are against Israel has shown, we are determined to weaken Israel under the guise of our two-state peace farce.

"This is why we must always have weak, submissive and gullible Israeli leaders who are quick to submit to our completely failed and nefarious agenda.
It's much easier to get you into the 'Ghetto of Islam's Peace' that way."

naive suckers,
They keep falling for our peace of the grave

We do not like strong Israeli leaders, they are a threat to our peace evil agenda

"Only weak, submissive Jewish leaders like Ya'alon, and the two Ehud's who obediently and worship-fully bent their knees on command to us are acceptable to Washington."

"We are extremely troubled that you have placed a strong leader to head your Defense Ministry. We've made it clear to you before that only lap dogs and poodles who roll over on command are acceptable to us."

"We will not let you escape from our Two-State ghetto, Aushwitz Borders, which we have long planned for you Jews under our crafty deception using peace.
You will obey us or else! "

"You must understand that our friendship and our toys of war come with a price, you bow to us and you obey our will and there is no room for any disagreement with our peace evil agenda for Israel."

"You must submit and surrender to Washington even though we screw up everything everywhere especially in the Middle East."

"We are your God and you shall obey us, or we will get very nasty with you."



A 70-year-old Christian woman has been stripped naked, beaten and paraded through the streets of EGYPT

by a mob of around 300 Muslim men in a village in southern Egypt.

The 1 question I have is;

Why are so many in the West so cowardly at this very late hour, why are those on the right and especially the perverts on the left so afraid to take a stand against this evil that far surpasses the Nazi's which were defeated and outlawed ?

UN alarmed by Hamas plans for executions in Gaza

We are so alarmed that we will do nothing, nothing at all, except send them more money, food and if we could get away with it, weapons.
We will make sure that Hamas have the ability to strike Israel harder next time, because we are the corrupt perverts of the Useless Nations, the UN.

A sick world facing the just wrath of a Holy God.

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