Wednesday, May 11, 2016

America is no longer a free country

It's become like the old Soviet Union where only Communist party members and their fellow comrade criminals tell us what to think and not to think.

Remember the Democrat Party Thought Police and their Fourth Reich media whores who went after David and Sandra who went undercover, exposed and videotaped the Planned Parenthood Angels of Death sales team, selling dead baby body parts, and how the America Gestapo covered up for their Josef Mengle, school of advanced, inhumane atrocities partners ?

The evil regime went after them for exposing this evil, and the people cowed in silence as they did in Germany.
That is how far down the hole to hell America has fallen.
So when God destroys America, you will understand why.

The most evil, and the most wicked get a pass in this sinister, Satanic led government, and as we saw with Hitler, everyone is asleep or in denial as it gets worse by the hour.

When you are outside of the 'government approved' thought you are an enemy of the state and they remind you as we see here.

It's only going to get worse.

We saw how the Obama regime used the IRS against a select group of law abiding American's and got away with it, and how the same corrupt regime releases criminal felons and treats criminal$ and illegal$ better than they treat US Veterans.

Remember what pathological liar and criminal Obama did to Dinesh D'Souza ?

And this week we heard about how Facebook uses it's corrupted power to limit freedom and manipulate the news cycle with their twisted, one sided propaganda.

No, America has been destroyed from within.

It's finished except for the pretext, the lie of a free country.

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