Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Man's Pernicious Appetite for War$

Ssshh, quiet, secret $$$ meeting

Secretly, Quietly, Vietnam hosts gathering of U.S. Military Industrial Complex to buy weapons of war

The reason the corrupt Obama regime is covering this up is because they now sell weapons to those who killed our soldiers that they sent to fight in their last useless war in Vietnam not so long ago.
It shows us all the evil insanity of their useless war like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria that drive our perverse leaders.

All those soldiers sent there to fight and die for nothing by the same government that now sells weapons to the Communist government of Vietnam, but hey, now the immoral, amoral MIC can make some money selling instruments of death and war to them.

How insanely evil this planet is, especially America, the warmongers for big profit$ nation.

Busine$$ is good for the merchants of death and war


Food is going to become scarce, but not the most advanced weapons for killing and war. The dead, mass casualties, and collateral damage corpses will be in the millions by the time these merchants of death are done.

The red tide has caused tons of dead shellfish to wash up on southern beaches and paralysed the fishing industry
The southern region of Los Lagos has been affected in recent weeks by the largest red tide in its history.

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