Friday, May 20, 2016

Fixing Egypt

UPDATE: I've noticed today, Sunday 22 May, since this news came out, ABC News is totally ignoring it and continuing to cover up the facts that do not feed their CFR, White House agenda.

They still have their 'expert' keeping the viewers focused on "mechanical" and far away from their religion of terrorism.
What a disgusting media we have in America, they've sold their souls to the corrupt power brokers like the cheap whores they are.

Data from the final moments before EgyptAir flight MS804 crashed

...into the Mediterranean suggest an "internal explosion" tore through the right side of the aircraft, a pilot said last night.
A commercial pilot with a major European airline told The Telegraph that other parts of the data log suggested that windows in the right side of the cockpit were blown out by an explosion inside the aircraft.


Hey round-table rats, we've got a problem.

It's very embarrassing that ISIL has hit us and Egypt again, that they got past the joke of airport security at de Gualle and it is especially embarrassing that they got past three Air Marshall's, three of them, and set off their incendiary devise in the front lavatory.
A perfect location that they are well aware of.
So we must spin this in our favor or else the world will see us for what incompetent clowns we really are in our fake war against our unnamed enemy, Islam.

Egypt's Sisi has reached out to me to help them fix this problem of bombed planes falling out of their air space and crashing.
This is the second time and it makes Egypt look real bad.
He well knows my skills when it comes to fabrications.

Our religion of peace is getting a bad rap as many Muslims were killed on this flight by other Muslims and this is going to destroy whats left of their economy.
We can't let that happen.
It's heading into summer and Egypt can't afford to lose any more tourism.
This could also seriously damage the global airline industry in peak season.
We've already got the public confused and in doubt about our first reasonable "bomb" explanation.
Even though we had no contact with the pilots after they left Greek airspace we can sell this as an on-board fire, instead of a Muslim bomb, and the people are dumb enough to buy it, their attention span is maybe 4 minutes.

"It's much more digestible across the board if it's a defective Airbus and not Islam that is to blame. "

Israel knows what really happened, but I told them to keep their mouths shut and they always listen to me.
I'm going out for a game of golf later today while you all get this story moving.
Don't disappoint me.

The French are crying about their radical Muslim terrorists working at the airport and how bad they look. They're afraid that if they get rid of any more of their Islamic terrorists, and hard core supporters of ISIS, they might just start burning down the city of Paris over the summer.

That's another reason why Hollande is putting the squeeze on Israel and the Jews, it'll take the pressure off of them. That always buys the Europeans some pacification from our Muslim terrorist gangs during the hot summer months.

We've got to make the facts and spin them in our direction, and sell this lie to the world. They got away with it before on TWA 800 with the help of our "experts" and our ever loyal media whores.

Signs of smoke were picked up in a toilet and in the aircraft’s electronics

Ignore the smoke from the toilet and focus on 'electronics'.
All we have to do is plant a little seed of doubt and 'smoke' will divert this away from 'bomb', it will sell us well.

Get the story out to our pals at ABC news ASAP and let it trickle out to the global media !
The public will gladly accept this bull S*i%t cause they want to feel they are safe and have vacations planned, so get a lid on the true version pronto, folks.

The spin starts at ABC

Egypt Air: Smoke Reportedly Detected Onboard Flight Before It Lost Contact

Smoke was reportedly detected from within the doomed Egypt Air plane shortly before it disappeared from radar over the Mediterranean Sea, an indication, which if true, experts believe may point towards mechanical failure.

notice who is doing the pointing and where to !

They used to wait for the black box to be recovered to give us 'facts', now they have 'data' that the pilot does not even get immediately to save the plane in order to spin it in whatever direction they want!
The data sent from damaged electronics said smoke but not fire or bomb ?
How convenient for the official story fabricators.
I don't believe it.

The big tip off that this planted ABC twist the truth version is a phony diversion from the truth is if it were true we would have already had this problem with other very reliable Airbus computer electronics systems.... and

they would have immediately grounded all Airbus A320's, and for good reason.


Anonymous said...

What a pack of total LIARS! The cursed American made "islamic state" has already claimed "credit" for blowing the plane out of the air!

But I guess Mr. O must protect the murdering muslims that his "handlers" are having him import into the U.S. so they can attack at a given signal.

All nations that forget GOD and lift their puny fist at HIM will be turned into hell. America is a classic example, with Europe and the U.K. following close.

The people of The LORD GOD of Israel MUST lock into HIM+ and HOLD ON TIGHTLY in these days that are ahead of us.

Marcel Cousineau said...

God is using O for judgment on the nation that forgot Him as well as the other idiot leaders of the world for judgment.

We are coming into the time of the culmination of all things and the devil knows his time is short and those who do not bother to seek the LORD are being led to destruction.
Sadly, with Israel as with America and the rest of the world, it's only a remnant who will make it.