Saturday, April 30, 2016

U.N., 250,000 Killed or is it 470,000 + Killed in Syria ?

The truth is what the UN tells us is the truth because we are now living in Orwell's Animal Farm

Most of the untrustworthy, lying media keep using the same number of Syrian's killed since last summer, 250,000, and they get away with it because the people have been reduced to docile farm animals on the Animal Farm run by the U.N. Pigs

We shall tell you what to think. 
Islam good, peaceful. Israel building homes bad, bad, bad!

I've noticed this since last summer, and again today with the Reuters (first article) below they keep using the same false figure, same big lie since last year.
 This is just more proof that the media only feeds you what the big pigs who run Animal Farm want you to know.
Can you imagine the absolute, total control they (UN,US,EU) would have over all information if not for the Internet and the alternative media ?
I know eventually they will find a way to shut down the truth in order to speeddily advance their global totalitarian agenda.
They need a big war and major chaos to close their deal with devil.

Aleppo bombed as Syrian army begins "calm" plan elsewhere

The United Nations has called on Moscow and Washington to help restore the ceasefire to prevent the complete collapse of talks aimed at ending the five-year conflict in which more than 250,000 people have been killed and millions displaced

Syrian Centre for Policy Research says 470,000 deaths is twice UN’s figure

Syria’s national wealth, infrastructure and institutions have been “almost obliterated” by the “catastrophic impact” of nearly five years of conflict, a new report has found. Fatalities caused by war, directly and indirectly, amount to 470,000, according to the Syrian Centre for Policy Research (SCPR) – a far higher total than the figure of 250,000 used by the United Nations until it stopped collecting statistics 18 months ago.

So why would the UN and their media prostitutes be covering up the true and even more horrific figures of the Muslim on Muslim genocide in Syria ?
The only reason they stopped collecting statistics was to continue to give the religion of genocide and mass murder a more acceptable look.
You can be sure the Muslim world is using the UN to maintain a false image of civility.

It's their best propaganda platform to deceive the world.

By the same token they never miss a minute second to zero in on Israel and smear them for the least thing, anything and everything.

The UN is the devil's front office.

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