Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The New Normal in America

No outrage, no indignation, no shock or shame left in America anymore

... just another day in the new normal, God-forsaken land.

Hey, you're the idiots who elected me twice

This is not Hollywood, but normal, real, every day life in Obama's changed America where teaching morality is forbidden, in fact the godless left have outlawed it and opened the door WIDE for every sort of the most vile perversity imaginable.

The same immorality that destroyed empires is now protected by the U.S. Government with their lawless, perverted laws as the pathological liar in chief lowers the bar for criminal felons with his out of control release programs for them and the Gitmo terrorists to go and fight jihad and kill again.

Meanwhile the reprobate courts, government and wicked educators are too busy making sure that perverts can share the bathroom with you and outlawing any mention of God or His commandments.

Most people are in denial and bury their heads in the sand, the truth bothers them and they escape into their fake fantasy world until they end up like Ingrid Lyne.

Those who live a life of reality and not lies and delusions fed to us daily by the false prophets of our day understand that this is how a reprobate, godless nation soon to face destruction at the hand of God acts.

He's not going to put up with this evil much longer !


Anonymous said...

I am watching for the Hammer of YHWH to fall on this lying and evil nation.

May HE in HIS Mercy protect the True Followers of HIS Beloved SON+ and Guide them by HIS HOLY SPIRIT.

Thank you for these good reports.

Marcel Cousineau said...

I pray many will awaken in time.