Thursday, April 21, 2016


From the 70's up until today I've heard the rage and hatred of the Arab peoples against the Jews.
The Palestinians, the Muslims just can't help themselves in their hatred and daily violence against Israel and the Jews.
Yet, the deviant, perverse nations are always rewarding them with support and cover for their war against the Jews.
They really only focus on against Israel as the problem in a Satan inspired attempt to steal their land under the lie of peace.
How evil that is!

It is an eye opener to see how Muslims have been in genocide against each other in Syria for five years now and still the reprobate nations do not address the violent dimensions of this religion of the false prophet but continue to blame and target Israel and the Jews.
That is why God created hell and why it is dropping by to meet the nations, just as it has arrived to Syria and other areas of this false religion of demonic hate, Islam.

Muslim terrorist, Yasser Arafat, winner of the Nobel Farce Prize for peace often said this Arab/Muslim song and dance, a one liner about what they were going to do to Israel and the Jews, out in the open,this well worn curse against Israel' phrase;

'Jews, Into the Sea'

Arafat, the Islamic terrorist awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for evil against Jews

Yasser Arafat, winner of the Nobel Farce Prize for peace often said this out in the open and was always given a pass by all the nations. This was and has been the plan of the followers of the false prophet Mohammed since 1948 and it has not changed.

Almost half a million people live under siege in Syria

What is of note is how the people of Syria and many other Arab/Islamic countries have brought a curse upon their heads and have been paying a terrible price for their evil. Syria is still being destroyed and dismembered by Muslim on Muslim violence, jihad and genocide. The word ignores the reason why so many people in Syria have suffered and chose to forget that Damascus,Syria was the headquarters for many of these ISLAMIC groups that targeted Israel daily with ISLAMIC TERRORISM.
It is no secret any longer to anyone paying attention that it has been the Arab people, the Muslims, the Libyans, the Syrian's who have been driven into the sea.... by their own fellow Muslims.

They Never Learn

This is the hand of God and it is a warning to all the nations ; What you do to Israel, what you plan for Israel WILL come back to bite you.

The E.U. is courting major disaster, already wallowing in the dregs of Islams latest invasion and rape of Europe, as the leaders and people insanely asks God for more of His much deserved judgments.

E.U. does not recognize Israel's occupation of Golan

Yesterday the E.U.  decided to pick another fight with Him on Israel's ownership of their land, ignoring much more serious topics.
Once again the hypocrites, fools and cowards of Europe (and America)are targeting Israel and the Jews and giving the violent, bloodthirsty cult of death a pass.

The EU, US UN, and the world is on a crash course with God over Israel and they will lose in a most painful way. It's really sad to see that they are too evil, too wicked to wake up and change course, even after Syria and so many other Arab lands of the curse.


Anonymous said...

Again, I am in complete agreement with you on this. The nations that attempt to divide Israel / Jerusalem are going to be "cut in pieces", ( gashed, lacerated, torn apart violently. Full Hebrew meaning ).

The arrogant and proud nations are challenging the wrong ONE+.

ADONAI+ will " have them in derision, HE+ will laugh them to scorn". Psalm 2

Marcel Cousineau said...

Amen He tried to get their attention and they ignore him with Satanic pride and so He will laugh at them when they cry out to Him WHEN the door is shut.

Hi, hope all is well, God bless you.

It seems that most of the church and especially the world are missing ignoring this connection and the very painful and deadly cutting process?
They seem to be blinded by the Light