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Was Houston Shooting an Islamic Terrorist Attack ?

Tuesday 31st May update

read my latest blog post on what's come to light so far here


Police finally identify suspect in Houston attack

After four tours of duty in Afghanistan fighting for his country how could this person attack fellow American's and why did he choose Memorial day and start his rampage at Memorial Auto and Tire?

'On the internet he met some people or some people that believed like him.'

What exactly did he believe ?

So who were 'these people' ?

Did he become an ISIS supporter over the internet and this is why it took a few days to scrub his recent background ???????

Why is the govt/media hiding this from us ?
If they were from a white Tea Party group or some Patriot/Militia group it would be in very large print on their front page two days ago.

I have to ask; Why are they withholding so much background information as to what really motivated him ?
Was he another convert to Islam like Army traitor Bowie Bergdahl that the media has mostly covered up ?

Update: random rifle rampage ?

They already know who the shooter was and so far they're not telling us.
That should tell you something everything.
The other person was probably an armed civilian whom the police shot by mistake ?
5 police cars hit and 1 police helicopter and the media call this random?
Give me a break.
There was nothing random about this, especially the day that was chosen.
The way the media is covering this and not covering it, I smell cover up.
Maybe it's taking them a while to weave their story ?
Shooting happened on 'Memorial Highway' in upscale Houston neighborhood.

Photo- Houston Police Department
Look at the bullet spray pattern on the windshield. Police chopper hit five times.
This is from a well trained, expert marksman.
ISIS, with Obama leaving the door wide open, anyone ?
Will we ever get the real truth ?


Another cover up coming our way ?

They work so hard to hide the truth as they have been doing with the downing of EgyptAir, hoping the 'forgetful' people soon forget.

Houston shooting: Gunmen aim at police, bystanders; 2 dead

Authorities haven't released further details about the victims or the suspects.

"As a SWAT team and a police helicopter responded to the scene, the gunmen opened fire at the chopper, Montalvo said. The aircraft was hit by at least five bullets," she said


No coincidence this happened on Memorial day weekend.
Looks like it's going to be a bloody summer with Jihad Hussein Obama's 2016 Border Invasion Tour from Hell.

Whenever they don't release the names of the suspects, that's a red flag for me.
They're in the habit of protecting failed corrupt government policy of uncontrolled immigration where Islamic terrorists and criminals freely and easily enter and do these crimes.

Is the DOJ (renamed DOPE, Department of Perversity Enforcement) doing another 'Fast and Furious', making sure only Muslim terrorists crossing into the US have quick access to AR-15's and plenty of ammo waiting for them ?
What is Eric Holder doing these days ?

It's either criminal, illegal immigrants they've released under Obama's orders or deported four or five times who have crossed back into the US or it is devout Muslim's doing their religious jihad duties.
And the police have orders to cover up for the religion of peace, or the brainwashed people might wake up and put two and two together.

My guess is that it was Muslim terrorists that the U.S. Government imported into the country and that is why no information on the identity is available.

If it was a criminal he would have robbed some location or people, not just do some terrorism of which 99% is Muslim inspired.

Who else would fire on innocent civilians and a police helicopter with an AR-15 ?

Of course mentally unstable nuts would, but that is what a Muslim terrorist is.

I'd rather see them prove me wrong than cover this up, because more of this Islamic terrorism is coming HERE for sure, thanks to the Obama regime.

Just trying to help !


Monday Morning May 30th

I get a chuckle when I hear the media say; "Police are looking for answers."

Translation; Looking for credible spin to dupe the easily duped.

Would the government lie to us in order to cover up their agenda of clumsy and failure ?
Of course they would, Obama does it easily 24/7 with the assistance of the media.
They would do anything to hide the embarrassing truth.

This is the conclusion I've come up with after sleeping on it.
I wrote about it not long ago, on May 11th.

FBI Tracking Nearly 800 ISIS-Related Cases Across US, FBI Director Says

Instead of arresting the Islamic terrorists they allow to roam free across the land, they kind of track them and they never, never, never call them what they are; devout Muslims .
How is that for Law Non-Enforcement, Obama style ?

Lets say the one in Houston was off track, do you think the FBI would ever admit they screwed up and their stupid policy is rooted in failure ?
Or would the liar in Chief and his crew feed us more lies and confusion like they've been doing for a long time .... with the able help of  the corrupt and devious media ?

Expect to see much, much more of these Islamic terrorist attacks and ensuing cover-ups.
They've been working on it, counting on it.

Lords of PLANNED Chaos

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