Friday, May 27, 2016

Lords of PLANNED Chaos

It was not that long ago in America, before Obama's Dope's and Change that the Big Top Circus with the big elephants would come to cities across America and entertain the populace.

Those days are behind us now and War-Monger nation has a new form of entertainment to prepare the sheeple for their future, as we see here in Tampa on Wednesday.


Preparing the American people for the chaos that the elite Gang of 7 and Gangs of 20 are bringing to a city near you.


Special Ops Tampa

This yearly show in Tampa is meant to acclimate the American people to the change they are incrementally bringing to our cities and nation.

Special forces units from across the globe descended on Tampa
Florida Wednesday in a large-scale training exercise.

Rear Admiral Colin Kilrain, who leads U.S. Special Operations Forces in the Asia-Pacific region, told Reuters in an interview that he met the commander from Vietnam's elite forces on the sidelines of a conference in Tampa, Florida, this week.

1.Special forces from Armies across the globe meet in Tampa for a work out and its not reported by the majority of the very controlled, very fascist US media who are too busy with made up, keep the sheep asleep news.
2. Professional spies and police "lose" 800 fingerprints and DNA of Islamic terrorists and it is barely reported and already being buried.

"You can be sure no one will lose their job over this"

I'm surprise they even let this bit of news get out. Check out the story below before they scrub the link.

Why are they hiding this big story ?

Fingerprints and DNA of up to 800 terror suspects destroyed because of errors by spies and the police

Do you really think this was an "accident"?

This is why Europe has brought in so many Islamic terrorists and allows them to roam free until after they do their attack.
After the damage is done their special forces move in for the big show, to make it look like they are doing something to protect you.

Obama is following the same playbook, intentionally flooding America with chaos bringing pawns of their New World order out of the chaos they have planned.

Flooding America with criminals and terrorists and millions of illegal aliens by our revolutionary government is all a planned strategy to militarize their new 'Order out of Chaos' America.

We're already seeing the totalitarian Military Police state across Europe,( especially in Belgium) after the globalist perverts have flooded Europe, peppering it's small villages and major cities with many Islamic terrorists cells.

Draconian States of America

That is what Obama and his gangsters of chaos are doing to the U.S., making sure that the war front comes to America and that these special force military and police are used in all our cities.
This is their way of getting the people used to it.

locked n' loaded
We create the problem so we can bring about our special solution to it

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