Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Update: Houston "Terrorist" Attack

Wednesday evening:
NO INVESTIGATION just PTSD before they even investigated, case closed!

Too many unanswered questions that the government media have just swept under the rug.
News media said he went to Houston,Tx. from San Bernardino, Ca.

So who did he go to visit ? WHY Houston ?
Where, who was he staying with ?
Did he bring his AR-15 along or did it belong to someone else ?
Any way you cut this, it was a terrorist attack.
Why aren't they investigating what his beliefs were that would have motivated him  and his 'compound' friends ?
They have found it so easy to cover up what is really happening because they know people will forget in just a few days or a few hours.

Wednesday, June 1st.

Sloppy police work and lies;
I believe the terrorist used a bomb to blow up the gas pump at that gas station and the police left the backpack at the gas station until they picked it up a day later.
That backpack holds the answer to what really motivated him and they are keeping that tight under wraps for some reason.
The media, as usual no longer investigate' and just accept whatever spin the PTB decide to feed the public.
Truly Orwellian times we are living in!

Tuesday 31st May update

With the complete lack of investigative journalism and the rubber stamping of whatever a corrupt government decides to feed us, I do not buy PTSD.

So finally we know who did it, but keep in mind that this was a terrorist attack, real easy to blame on PTSD instead of the real motive which the media is not investigating (compound, met some people on the internet that 'think like him').
Was he being treated by the V.A. for PTSD ?
Nobody in the worthless media are investigating anything anymore because their twisted agenda does not involve anything related to the truth.

Red Flags!

1 QUESTION I would love to hear the FBI answer is;
Was he on the IS sympathizer watch list ?

This guy was a terrorist who more than likely set off the explosion at the gas station.
And he had some kind of group influence HE WAS CONNECTED WITH (so there is more to it than just him) that the government/media are keeping under wraps so far.

Why would they do that ?

With his internet friends, his father mentioning a compound, (was it a mosque compound ?) why haven't the FBI and police raided it or them, seized the computers, etc. by now ????
Instead we have dead silence, move along, nothing to see here reporting, just another confused and dangerous U.S. Army war veteran, which leads me to believe they are covering up some major things.

A terrorist attack with the exact modus operandi that Islamic terrorists have been using.
After 4 tours in Afghanistan, lets get a look at his military records, that will lift the fog that remains over this terrorist attack.

Today no one is permitted to ask these questions, off limits.
Is it in order to keep the propaganda ministry's work easier to contain the facts and the truth ?

Interview with his father

It's better to go to Texas. He was trying to get us all to go over there and you know go live in a compound. That kind of talk, you know?


Where was he living, in this compound ?
Why did they leave that information out ?
So what is the name of this compound and why is the media doing such a poor job here?

Police finally identify suspect in Houston attack

After four tours of duty in Afghanistan fighting for his country how could this person attack fellow American's and why did he choose Memorial day and start his rampage at Memorial Auto and Tire?

'On the internet he met some people or some people that believed like him.'

What exactly did he believe ?

So who were 'these people' ?

Did he become an ISIS supporter over the internet and this is why it took a few days to scrub his recent background ???????

Why is the govt/media hiding this from us ?

If they were from a white Tea Party group or some Patriot/Militia group it would have been in very large print on their front page two days ago.

I have to ask; Why are they withholding so much background information as to what really motivated him ?
Was he another convert to Islam like Army traitor Bowie Bergdahl that the media has mostly covered up and the military has swept under the rug with justice delayed, justice denied ?


  1. I hate how the MSM coddled muslims.

  2. Did you mean to say;

    'I hate how the MSM coddle terrorists from the religion of hate, intolerance and great bloodshed' ?