Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Obama's North Korea Hydrogen Bomb Loophole

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come

North Korea nuclear: State claims first hydrogen bomb test

North Korea says it has the 'H-bomb of justice' after nuclear test

good short video at link - H Bomb 1,000 more powerful than nuclear bomb

Obama paper tiger, do nothing, talk, talk, talk, no one stop me, I dare him!

We've heard all this week from the media propaganda arm of Obama about the 'gun show loophole', but really nothing about this empty suit's failure to close the North Korea nuclear proliferation loophole.
The news from impotent, failed, crumbling Washington this morning was ;

'We will not allow North Korea to be a nuclear power'

What world do these lunatic's live in?
They are a nuclear power in-spite of the useless UN and the addled and very corrupt Washington Establishment.
That horse has left the barn, dear comrade Obama, that Pandora's Box has been opened,
dear emperor dictator with no clothes, that genie is out of the bottle.
Thanks to O and our other Globalist 'destroyer' presidents, Clinton and Bush, dear worthless leader with the teleprompter, nuclear midnight has arrived!

What will O do, take out his pen and his phone or cry another tear ?
Total unmitigated failures, all of the Washington political class on both sides of the isle, except for only a handful.
Empty words with no meaning, just worthless, empty words as Obama zero's in on the little fish he wants to disarm.
There will be millions of dead Americans because our weak leaders failed early on to halt North Korea and Iran's nuclear drive... and yet this loser president is focused on the gun show loop hole.

He does not even disarm his HEAVILY armed gangster pals in Chicago,LA and every other major American city.
He's busy releasing dangerous criminals and criminal illegal aliens back into the streets to terrorize the public all over again.
He has time to target law abiding citizens while the criminals bypass the background check easily.

What Makes Kim Jong Un an Extremely Dangerous Man

Even more dangerous than gun show buyers.

Experts believed before the fourth test that North Korea was still some years from being able to hit a target with a nuclear bomb delivered by a missile.

the experts have proven that they are clueless, blind overpaid morons.


There is More to Obama's Visits to California than Fundraising

Now I know why the con man in the White House gets out to Hollywood to meet up with his big Star donor base.

Acting Lessons

My dear and loyal media *sluts, make sure when I touch my teary face that you zoom in there and get a good photo grab.
I have to try another new angle to fool the American public because so many of them see what a phony I am.
It's hard for a larger than life narcissist like me with a heavy ego to act like a normal person, so I desperately need acting lessons.
I sure hope this works.
My acting coaches told me not to overdo it, so 1 tear is all you're going to get.

Lets see crafty man cry for all the 'Baby bumps' murdered in their mothers wombs, torn into pieces by America's profitable genocide industry, one he supports with religious devotion.

No tears from the Grade B actor and consummate liar for all the Christian's murdered by his 'religion of peace' in Nigeria, Iraq, Syria,Egypt, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, but he will support and fund $$$ Syrian Islamic jihad warriors with light and HEAVY weapons and training to kill each other and anyone who gets in the way.
No, instead he is always defending the bloodthirsty religion and blaming those they murder, rape and pillage.
Know how many persecuted Middle Eastern Christian's he has allowed into the US compared to the inventors of the suicide bomb people. Just a hand full, if that.

Those of you who fell for the 1 tear job, shame on you.

Earthquake Swarm - British Virgin Islands


* to those of you offended by the word sluts, it's to kindest word I could find for the reprobate crowd who control the media and feed us daily propaganda and dung.
It will be a glorious day when the LORD  thwarts their globalist plans.

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boo boo said...

Good analysis of the phony.. a little soft, but overall pretty good.

Unknown said...

Chubby kid with a nuke.


Skinny dude with fake tears.

Extremely dangerous.

Chubby kid nukes nation of skinny dude?


Skinny dude then takes over - rules as king.


Well done, Marcel.

John Little

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks dear brother in Messiah Yeshua.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I'm thinking of all the fools who voted for this B grade actor who failed acting class and became President of the now cursed and reprobate USA.
When the destruction that Obama worked so hard to accomplish falls on America, will they thank him or curse him ?

Perilous times indeed.

Marcel Cousineau said...

John Little Web Site- Omega Shock
Loaded with much, much information and a unique perspective.
Go there and download EZEKIELS' FIRE for free.

Anonymous said...

Skinny Dude don't take over/rule anything!!!

Skinny dude might be a sock puppet --- but then is just a sock-puppet!!!! His tears will be REAL when the proverbial hits the proverbial!!!

Sergei Shoigu (Putin's Right hand) is the man 2 watch!

Marcel Cousineau said...

What can you tell us about him ?

I was getting some hits from Russia until recently.
Wonder if they blocked Steven or Myself ?
or was it our all seeing US eyes.